Ash of the Ember-Danny Phantom FF

I don't own DP, but I do own Ash. Ember just found a very important person in her life! How far will she go to keep this?


1. Chapter One

It's a normal night in the Ghost Zone, when Ember sees the portal was left open at the Fenton residence. She sneaks out with her famous guitar, flying up into the night sky. She'd flown around for a few hours when she saw something she wasn't expecting. "Ash?" The green-haired girl turned to the sound of her name.

"Hello? Who said my name?" The younger ghost floats up, but leaves when she sees Danny Phantom, Amity Park's famous protector, shows up.

"Ember?" He asks. "How'd you get out?"

"Come on, kid. They left the portal open."

"Well, you're going back."

"No!" She wanted to find her newly-rediscovered sister, but was stopped by the thermos.

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