Fairy Tail Fic- Dark Forest Dragons

Lucy is Kidnapped while on a mission with Team Natsu.
ok this is a crappy summary but just give it a try k? U might like it lol


1. Attack in the Dark.

    Natsu's fire lit the dark hallway, lighting the way for the rest of his team. The dark stone walls dripped, slick with water leaking from the airline cracks in the vaulted ceiling. A drop of water landed on Lucys nose, making her shiver, unnerved by the sinister look of their surroundings. A long low moan echoed through the hallway. In Front of her, Natsu stopped tense. She bumped into him, causing a chain reaction, kinda like dominos. Grey, clothes conveniently discarded, hit her from behind, and Erza, with her armour clanking, hit Grey.

    Lucy looked ahead, curious as to what had made her almost unshakeable team mate stop in his tracks. she gasped. A large cavern opened up in front of them, ceiling disappearing into a seemingly endless black. The flame on Natsu's fingertip only illuminated a small portion of the surrounding space. But, as creepy as all this was, it was not what had made Natsu stop. In the center of the lighted space, was a small basin of water. And in that water, was the torn up, mangled body of the very man they had been hired to find. Ron Gabato, criminal extraordinair, the man responsible for hundreds of mass murders. They should have been glad he was dead. 

    His body was not a pretty sight. In the center of his chest was an oak sapling, the tree seemed to have grown out of his body, roots piercing his chest at odd angles, only to reappear, poking out of his legs and arms, rooting him to the ground. His blood stained the water red , soaking into the tree.

   Behind her she heard Grey and Erza gasp. The sound broke Natsu's trance, slowly he walked forward. Carefully skirting the blood on the floor. Lucy hesitantly followed after him. Finally someone spoke, it was Natsu ''Hey, guys. This smells fresh, I thi-'' Natsu froze, slowly, he breathed in and started again. '' I thin-, no I know that whoever did this is still here.''

   Just as he finished his sentence a dark blur collided with Natsu, causing his flame to extinguish. Lucy heard Grey and Erza shouting. Next she saw the telltale flash of Erza activating her magic, re-quiping into one of her various armours, and the drop in temperature as Grey prepared to use his Ice Make Magic. Lucy grabbed her pouch of keys, drawing out Leo's. But before she could utter Leo's incantation, a hand covered her mouth. Lucy writhed in the persons firm grasp. she tried to scream but all the came out past the hand was a muffled yell. A spark of hope lit in Lucys chest, Natsu, with his exceptional hearing had heard her and turned around, a flame licking around his hand. His eyes widened as he took in her situation. Then Natsu growled, the person holding Lucy swore under its breath, distinctly male. 

   '' Let Lucy go,-'' said Natsu pausing to see of his suggestive orders were being followed, he frowned seeing that the man had not complied, continued.'' I said let her go!''

   Natsu, losing patience, growled again and launched himself at the man

'' Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!'' Natsu's fist lit on fire boosting his speed,

'' Dragon's Defence! '' Yelled the man behind Lucy. The hand that had held in her screams momentarily let go to release a torrent of magical energy that shot into the ground, creating a solid wall of trees. Lucy screamed. Natsu crashed into the wall with a solid sounding thud, yelling in frustration as he pounded against the barrier. His punched doing little damage.

   Frantic, Lucy scanned the cavern, looking for Grey and Erza. They were both engaged in battles of their own, Grey against a woman with bleach white hair, Erza against a man with orange hair. Both looked hard pressed to defend themselves.

   Abruptly the hand was replaced, just as Natsu broke through the barrier. Lucy felt her captor tense, then he shouted

   "Nature Dragon's Constricting Vines!" Lucy watched in horror as Natsu was quickly covered in thick vines. 

"Im sorry Lucy, I dont want to do this." murmured the man holding her, befor his fist connected with her abdomen and she blacked out.


A/N-Authors note

Hey guys! This is my first Fairy Tail fic! I hope you enjoyed this little chappy. For all those who don't know what Fairy Tail is, look it up and watch the first episode. Just do it. Trust me you will be addicted! I know i am ;) Any way, Im Ally, i dont have an update schedule yet but i do know that I wont release the next chapter until the one after that is written.

If you are wondering about the magical spells and such with the various characters just pm/review  and the next chapter I'll add in a explanation, ok?

And just incase any one who knows FT is wondering, I am a NaLu shipper( if you dont know what im talking about, again just look it up lol. And I know this chapter isnt very long but the next ones will be at least 1500 word's k?

OK! Bye bye for now-Ally


Read these A/N's ok, They may contain important update info.


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