:: This could ruin everything ::

Rosie is a happy go lucky girl with a passion for horses, she loans a horse who she adores to pieces, but things start to turn upside down when she finds out someone else might have to loan him too.


1. Weekend!

The weekend was finally here! This was the best news for Rosie, as on Saturdays she loaned a horse, a grey Irish Sports Horse, called Benji. Rosie didn't really have a very good social life, she didn't have many friends and a few people picked on her for being 'horsey', but they didn't understand what being a horse rider gave Rosie, she was more confident, more daring and it made her happy. She saw Benji once every week, but sometimes twice if her parents could afford it, she'd found him in a horse and hound advert up for loan about 3 months ago, since then her riding had progressed so much.

She arrived at the stables at 1:00 pm , which gave her an hour to prepare for her lesson. She took the shortcut through the gravelled car park, leaving a trail of kicked up dust behind her. She had to enter the field quickly and shut the gate very fast, Benji would wait by the gate and gallop down to the mare's field if he got the chance. Rosie slipped on his headcollar with no problem, tied his leadrope to the metal loop on the other side of his headcollar, and climbed onto the gate. She had taught him to swing his hindquarters to the gate when she clicked, she did this and then slid onto his strong broad back. She led him to his stable and tied him up. Rosie screeched loudly at the sight of a mouse behind her grooming box, she may have been quite a brave rider, but she sure wasn't brave around small rodents. After shooing the mouse away, she gave Benji a good groom and tacked him up ready for her lesson.

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