Summer Love

A 16 year old girl named Sara is sent to stay at a summer camp for a few months a bit far from home. She becomes good friends with a guy called Niall and they actually turn out to be the best of friends. Sara finds herself falling for him but she doesn't know how he feels about her, and she's afraid that they wont be friends for long as she has to leave in about a month and a half.


1. Summer camp, here I come!

Sara's P.O.V.

     I woke up to the sound of my mom's voice telling me I had to leave in an hour. At first I was too tired to remember where it was that I had to go but then it hit me.. I had to leave for summer camp in an hour and it was getting late! I jumped out of bed and took a quick glance at my bedside clock. It was already 6:30 am so i let my mom leave the room, closing the door behind her. I walked up to my cupboard and pulled out a galaxy print sleeveless tank top and a pair of jean shorts. After that I went for a quick shower.

      Once I was done, I quickly got dressed and threw on my galaxy print vanz. I straightened my hair and put on some light makeup. I put on my violet baseball cap and grabbing my suitcases I'd prepared the night before, quickly made my way downstairs. It was 7:15 now. I still had around 15 minutes before leaving so I decided to have breakfast. I shoved my phone into my pocket and made a bowl of cereal. When I was done, I waited for about 5 minutes until my parents said they were ready to leave.

     My dad helped me load my luggage into the car and then we drove off. I feel like my parents have been waiting for the opportunity to send me a way for a while now but I really don't see the reason why. The ride was long and boring. My mom was telling me how much I will like the place eventually and my dad kept agreeing to each and every single thing she said. They were both saying I need to make more 'real friends'. I have no idea what they meant by that though.

     We finally arrived at the camp at around 9:45. The place looked kinda like a forest castle. It was nice. Well, I just hope it's as good as it looks. My parents helped me take my luggage out of the car and walked me to the entrance of the camp. I had to go by myself from here so i hugged my parents goodbye, took my luggage and they left. I walked inside not knowing where I was going until I saw the office. I entered and gave the person at the counter my name to check me in as i was already registered before. Thank God for that 'cause now i don't have to wait for the reallllly long process of getting registered. I was told to be seated and wait for 2 minutes, and they will send me a guide. I did as I was told.

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