Summer Love

A 16 year old girl named Sara is sent to stay at a summer camp for a few months a bit far from home. She becomes good friends with a guy called Niall and they actually turn out to be the best of friends. Sara finds herself falling for him but she doesn't know how he feels about her, and she's afraid that they wont be friends for long as she has to leave in about a month and a half.


2. Room mate

    A fair lady with golden hair and grey eyes walked up to me and said she was my guide. She told me her name was Jessie and then she showed me the way to my cabin, 'cabin#4'. She showed me around and told me that there are a few restaurants in the food zone that I could go to if i was ever hungry or wasn't in the mood to cook. I thanked the nice lady and before she left she told me that i was gonna have a room mate. I thanked her once again and then she left.

     I looked around and as exhausted as i was, plopped onto my bed. The cabin was not big, but not too small either. It was actually just the size of two rooms and a half, or maybe three, put together. There was a tiny kitchen and a small living room with a 2 seater sofa, a table and a TV. Then there was the bedroom. It had two single wooden beds, two cupboards (one on each side), a small window to the front of the room and a ceiling fan. We were going to need that 'cause it was getting hot outside since its summer now. I wondered who my roommate was going to be and whether they would like me or not.

     A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. I got up to get the door and opened it to see a handsome young blonde guy standing in front of me. He had blue eyes and was wearing a t-shirt and a tuxedo. He actually looked so good.

      "Hey love! My name's Niall. So, i guess I'm your roommate."

      "Hi, I'm Sara. C'mon in!"

    I showed Niall around the place and explained everything to him just as Jessie had explained to me, then i led him to his side of the bedroom. He started unpacking his stuff and put them in the cupboard and so did I. I was almost done when Niall started asking me a few questions.

       "So where you from?"

       "London. What about you?"

        "That's nice. I'm Irish."

       "Wow. That's totally amazing! I've always wanted an Irish friend!"

 Niall laughed at this.  "Well, we might end up becoming the best of friends since we're here for a while now."

       "Yea. I hope so."

  By now we were done unpacking and I was sitting on my bed, Niall sitting on his right across from me.

      "So, how old are you?"

      "I'm 16 and you?"

      " 20 in just a few months."

      "That's nice."

      "Hah. Oh and I must say, I really admire your dressing sense."

      "Thanks so much Niall."

      " No problem at all and you can call me Nialler."

 I checked my phone for the time. It was already 12 noon.

     "Hey, Sara, you wanna go get some lunch?"

     "Sure, why not?"

  We left the cabin and walked around the campus a while until we reached the food zone. I looked around. There were so many restaurants so it was kinda hard to pick where to eat.

      "How about Nando's?"

      " 'Course! It's one of my favorite."

      "Mine too." I laughed.

 Niall's a really nice, super friendly guy!





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