Chloe Songliff and Louis Tomlinson - High school sweethearts until the massive fight that lead to their brake up.
Chloe and Louis haven't seen each other in almost four years but then Chloe's work makes her go on the 'Where We Are' tour with the boys - her and Louis must meet again...


1. 1

I woke up and stretched, next to me my perfect boyfriend lay - Matthew Drew. I smiled and got out of bed and opened the door that lead to our bathroom from our bed room. The door creaked making Matt wake up instantly.

'Chloe?' He asked and yawned,

'Sorry, baby, just getting ready for work.' Matthew nodded 'Don't let that Josie girl boss you around.' He said before going back to sleep. I laughed at Matthew (Josie was my boss) before getting washed and changed into a light blue top with a gold belt that was wrapped around the waist and black leggings.

I shut the bedroom door silently, so I didn't wake up Matthew, and walked down the stairs of our mansion, I opened the fridge - Nothing. I sighed, I made a quick little note saying:


Hey Matt,

Because you love me so much - Please can you go food shopping??

Love you



I stuck the note on the fridge as that would be the first place Matthew would go.

I grabbed two apples and a banana and put them in a small tub for later. I grabbed my purse, keys and bag before opening the door and getting into my car.

I walked into work and saw my friend - Lilly, there. She waved at me,

'Hey, Chloe!' She called, Lilly ran over, 'Josie wanted to see you - Something about a new article... Well magazine.' I sighed, what did she want now?

'Really?!' I asked while sighing, 'Ok, well I'll see you later then.' Lilly nodded,

'Yup. Good luck, your going to need it!' I laughed and walked into a room filled with people, computers and celebrities.

I saw Josie with five people, five boys to be exact, in the corner, I knew who one of them was. 

I never would've though that I'd have seen that beautiful mop of brown hair. I tried to back away but it was to late - Josie had seen m.

'Chloe!' She yelled and waved her arms around like a hyper child after stocking up on sweets, I sighed and walked over to 'her' corner - Putting on a face, yet realistic smile on the way.

'Josie.' I said - Trying to sound happy, 

'Chloe, this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, you'll be going on tour with them to make out new magazine 'All About The Boys.' 

I sighed, I knew we where making a magazine about boy-bands but I never would've thought that the first one would be on 'One Direction' and that I'd be the one working on it! 

'What?' I asked, 'You never told me anything, what if Matthew doesn't agree?' Everything came out so fast that the five boys found it amusing.

'Well, Chloe, sorry but that's how things work. Matthew kind and caring - I'm sure he'll understand. And it's only a few months.' I raised my eye brows,

'A few months?!' I asked, 'When do we leave?' 

'Tomorrow, the boys will be staying at yours today and you'll be off at noon, tomorrow. I expect you to do a little back ground story today and...' I stopped her,

'Wait, wait, wait, tomorrow? But it's Matt's and I's third anniversary and his really excited as I was on tour with JLS last year.' Josie sighed, 

'Chloe, Matthew will understand. Now just leave - You can have the rest of the day to do a little background story on these guys and show them their rooms and tell Matthew... Oh, and get packed.' I sighed and nodded before taking some paper work off of Josie - What I needed to put into the magazine. 

What was I going to do about Louis?!

I can't just forget about him... Wait, a minute!

That's a great idea - Who said I remember anything about Louis Tomlinson. 

Who said I had to...?


The car ride was silent other than a few questions that where brought up here and there by Harry and Liam.

I pulled up, outside the mansion, the boys wolf whistled. 

'Nice place.' Zayn commented,

'Thanks.' I said with a smile, 'It was my dad's...'

'How comes he doesn't live in it?' Liam asked, 

'Umm... He died a while back...' I mumbled, I caught Louis staring at be for a swift second but he looked away as I saw him. I

'Sorry.' Liam apologized, I shrugged,

'Don't be - I should be used to it.' I gave Liam and warm smile before pushing the door open, 'Matthew!' I yelled, in a couple of seconds Matthew came down the stairs - Wearing only boxers. e froze when he saw Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry. 

'Who's this?' He asked, I sighed, 

'Umm... Well you know last year that I missed our second anniversary, well.....'

'You're missing it again this year.' He sighed, I gave him a weak smile,

'Sorry, baby.' He looked up and smiled - It looked like he had a tear streaming down his face.

'It's alright.' There was a moment of silence, 'Well, let me get changed and we'll all go out for something to eat!' I smiled and nodded, all the boys agreed as Matthew ran up the stairs.... 

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