End of The Bygone.

This is a short story about a girl, namely Elina who finds the silver lining to her cloud.
It's optimistic and inspiring so please consider reading it if you are under duress.
It's my first piece and I hope you find it pleasing.


1. Chapter 1



I was leaving home from school after a long day of science presentations and dance training which left me in a rundown state. It had never been so surprisingly challenging for me to walk home as it was almost a fifteen minutes walk. I was amazed to feel the fatigued sensation in every part of me and I decided to take a break and energize those poor muscles.


 Thus I stopped abruptly on my way and remembered a garden which was just somewhere around. Tossed my neck in desperation to find it and there it was. I usually went there when I was bullied in middle school. While walking towards the garden, every step brought those fearful memories back. I realized how peaceful past few years had been for me as I never felt the need to visit this stress buster-like location. As I approached the sight, a current revolved around me which felt nothing like before.


It was a whole new place and I questioned myself if I was in a fantasy world. The area’s layout was all untouched but there was something that was touched and I felt it around myself as I sunk into the layer of grass and lied down. The feelings I used to bring there before - shame, pain, anger and grief were not carried this time. It was a simple day with the usual work and stress which resulted into this simple environment and the usual current which seemed extraordinary to me. I wondered why it was so.


I guessed that this was the other side which I never crossed over to maybe because I never felt so simple and happy about my existence. It was the same place, the same spot, the same weather but a totally different feeling. Everything around me seemed surreal. This was heaven and I pretty much convinced myself to believe in this beauty as only the rarest of all are fortunate to encounter something even close.


My skin touched the grass and I almost floated above it like a little flower blooming in a sapling. The skies were falling at me and the vast expanse of what was above was scary but only because it was so huge and unexplored by me. As I stared into the height, I loved the view. It was impossibly beautiful and mesmerizing. It’s better to learn beyond. The aesthetic nature of the sky could have been overlooked by me if I was just too scared. I would have regretted a failure to acknowledge this essence of purity hidden in the sky.


The surface beneath me nourished my skin and pulled me in while I dissolved in it. I was wishing to fly to the sky and dance just as a kite but I couldn’t deny the pleasure of the land at the same time. I was like a plant, rooted up in the depth and grew towards the height.


This was when I thought I had a perfect moment for contemplating life and introspecting myself. I went on talking endlessly to my soul and it wasn’t awkward even in the least bit as all I was doing was trying to know what I was like at this particular stage of my life thus reinforcing some clarity.


I laughed scornfully at what I was some years ago in the same garden. Things changed to a remarkable extent after middle school. Instead of crying and having suicidal thoughts and hating myself for meeting up to people’s expectations, I engaged myself into meeting up to my expectations and living my life as per my choices. I began to believe in what I did even though it was the strangest thing on earth. I was trying to swim up a waterfall and disagreed to follow the conventional. People’s opinions about me couldn’t even get close to my reality which they all noticed and never bothered me again.


I shrugged and grabbed my knees sticking them to my chest. I took a last breathe of the past and exhaled it all out, pushed it out from my life. I’m thankful to those dreadful memories. I’m thankful to that Elina I was. I’m thankful to her as she accompanied me through hell, suffered and now finally she’s over. Dead. In the past, but I wouldn’t have been able to be this new Elina without the previous one.


It’s because of her that I can now cherish the great emotion of joy. I know what happiness is. In our daily life, we crush something down to create something new whether it’s a banana grinding in the grinder or a normal process of applying a break to stop a vehicle. It was the death of grief and the birth of happiness in my life.


When you are facing something which is inappropriate to you then you are not making an attempt to kill it. It’s not out there, it’s in you. Things won’t move by themselves, we give them movement. These things I’m referring to can mean a problem which again is just a thing. A hurdle.


If we let these little things devastate our lives then we are wasting the immense amount of power that we own. Be the sky and get rid of those dark clouds by letting it rain, by letting the beast out. Even though this thought seems scary, just like the skies are at first, go deeper into yourself because you don’t want to miss the beast in you. That beast which will go through a beautiful death and grant you with all your wishes. That’s exactly what she did for me. The one who lives in the past and is dead in the present. Younger Elina. The bygone.


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