Your not alone (Naruto Fan Fic)

This is a Naruto Fan fic so no hate plz.

Gaara knew that there was one person in the whole world who knew what he had felt but that person didnt have the same childhood didnt have people try to kill at every turn but soon that was going to change.


3. Chapter 3


Kimi's Pov

I reached a small river and I was so happy! I was finally free from the Akatsuki.

I keeled down by the river and gently placed my hands in and splashed refreshing cold water over my face. I sat down for a moment and thought about how I was now free from the Akatsuki and I could now find my friend's Zara, Ellina and Lanna who managed to escape from Orochimaru with me the first time around then I got caught by the Akatsuki with them thinking I had a tailed beast. I was interrupted from my thoughts by a twig snapping.


Gaara's pov

I cursed quietly to myself and I risked a peek to see if the girl had heard. She had and was standing up with her eyes scanning the trees when they came to rest on my hiding place.

"I know your there so just come out" I took a step out and faced the girl. I jumped down from the tree and stood by the edge of the forest. She stared at me (her eyes were a surprising light green) for a moment then took me for a threat and changed her stance to get ready for a fight.

"I'm not here to hurt you" She looked at me confused

"Why do you care? you don't know me?" I thought for a moment and realized why had I come?

"Well you did just take out the man we planned to capture" She smiled at the memory.

"Well I'm sorry for taking the fun out of your little hunt" She turned back around and gently placed her hands back in the water

"Why did he have you captive in the first place?" She turned around

"That is information I'm not going to share with a stranger" She  snapped then turned back around and then sat down.

"Well I'm sorry if I'm just curious"  I snapped back she stood up and started to walk over the water.
"You don't need to worry about me it you who I would worry about as you are getting into something that is none of your business" I stared after her

"Are you afraid of something?" She stopped and her hands were fists at her sides

"You have no idea of what I've been through you could never understand!" She started to yell and her frame started to shake.

"I might know what you've been through if you'd just told me" I had no idea why I was saying all of this but something about her made me want to learn about her.

"No too many people have been hurt and killed by my hand and I cant stand to let anymore die because of me" Her head fell forward and I heard slight sobbing coming from the young girl

"Your not alone" I said as I took a step forward. She spun around her eyes cold and full of darkness and I was shocked once those had been my eyes. Her eyes bored right into my own and it shock me to my core. I was afraid of this girl just from the look she was giving me. Now I knew how others felt when they had received my  glare so similar to the one this girl was giving me

"I am alone no-one understands my pain and no-one will because everyone is too scared to even come near me I've been alone all of my life trapped in a cage shut off from the rest of the world because of Orochimaru!" At that tears started to spill out of her eyes and refused to stop. I don't know why but something inside of me felt the girls pain and wanted to help it stop.

Without warning she collapsed on the floor still crying her eyes out. I slowly walked up to her and went to put a hand on her shoulder when she screamed at the top of her lungs

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" And she hit my hand away and turned her head to the side.

"I only want to help" She looked up at me through tear streaked lashes

"If you want to help then leave me alone!" She said coldly

"No I cant leave you here like this" She stared at me for a moment then looked at the ground.

"Fine" She finally gave in and I was surprised.

"Follow me" She stood up but stayed still

"You'll need the hand cuffs" I turned around and stared at her in disbelief 

"Why?" She looked up

"Because she wont let you take me without a fight" I was puzzled but I didn't let any emotion show (The rest of the time as well)

"Who's she?" She closed her eyes 

"My demon" She said it calmly like it was normal for anyone to have a demon inside them

"And who would that be?" She opened her eyes which were now a blood red colour

"That would be me and my name is Amaya" 

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