Your not alone (Naruto Fan Fic)

This is a Naruto Fan fic so no hate plz.

Gaara knew that there was one person in the whole world who knew what he had felt but that person didnt have the same childhood didnt have people try to kill at every turn but soon that was going to change.


2. Chapter 2


Gaara's Pov

I headed towards the leaf village at top speed hoping that I hadn't missed my chance to get revenge. I got closer and closer until I saw two familiar shape's.

"Hey Gaara over here!!" Naruto waved at me and Sakura just stood there watching.

"Hi Naruto, Hello Sakura" She gave me a small smile then turned around. I looked over her shoulder to see Kiba and Akamaru headed this way

"Okay then I guess were all here" I looked at Naruto

"You mean your all coming too?" He looked at me then gave a big smile

"Well of course!" I nodded.

"So Kiba has Akamaru found that guys scent yet?"(N)

"Yeah it heads west"(K)

"Well then lets go!"(N)

"I swear Naruto one of these days your enthusiasm is going to get you into tons of trouble" Sakura said as she crossed her arms that's when I noticed she looked different. She wasn't wearing a dress like she used to instead she was wearing a no sleeved top, shorts and a pair of gloves also her hair was a little longer then when I last saw her.

"Hey its not my fault that I'm syked!" He turned around and started to follow Akamaru.

We traveled not too far from the village when Akamaru stopped and growled

"What is it Akamaru?" Kiba started to look around when I heard a familiar sound

"PAPER BOMB GET DOWN!" I tried my best to surround us in my sand but I was a little too late. The paper bomb was right near Kiba's leg and he got seriously hurt.

"Kiba!" Sakura ran over and started to heal him as best she could.

"You guys should go ahead and take Akamaru he will tell you if there's anymore paper bombs" Kiba said weakly.

Me and Naruto nodded and pressed on. Not too far away we heard two people talking. So he wasn't alone.

"When are you going to give up Deidara?" It was a female voice

"You can just shut up Kimi you know nothing!" Me and Naruto got to the edge of the clearing and told Akamaru to go back and check on Kiba and Sakura. I peered down into the clearing to see Deidara leaning against a tree fiddling with his weird clay. Then I looked over to the tree opposite him and saw a young girl around my age tied to a tree with chains.

Her hair was a light blue and she had her eyes closed.

"You know Deidara I know more than you think" Deidara looked up at her

"And whats that Kimi?"

"I know you had a huge fight with Gaara then managed to capture him but his friends came to rescue him, They came too late and killed your partner Sasori that was his name right? then they fought you and you got seriously hurt then they managed to bring that Gaara back to life" Deidara was getting angry. He got up from his spot and walked up to her his fist raised.

"Go on then hit me you know what will happen" She smiled even though Deidara's fist was right in her face

"Your right I do know what will happen" He lowered his fist then crouched down

"Your lucky we had to stop here or that little beast of your's would already be gone" He smiled

"I keep telling you ITS NOT A TAILED CREATURE I DO NOT HAVE ONE!!!" She yelled right in his face causing him to flinch

"Yeah right your just trying to say that so we don't hurt you" She let out a sigh

"How dumb are you?" Deidara raised his fist again and went to hit her but then his body stopped right when he got close

"Damn it I fell for it" Kimi smiled

"Yes you did" Me and Naruto watched as Deidara's hand went into his pocket but then the girls eyes went wide

"You knew I was going to do this didn't you?" Deidara smiled

"Yep the keys are over there" But the girl just smiled back

"But you didn't know I was going to do this did you?" Deidara's hand went into one of the clay pockets and took out a tiny piece of clay

"What are you doing?" One of the mouths on his hands slowly made the clay into a tiny spider

"Just watch" Her smile grew bigger as the tiny spider climbed into the chains lock.

"No dont!" Deidara's hand clamped together to make the jutsu work and soon the lock was blown off and the chains fell. 

"Finally you were stupid enough to come close!" She raise her hand and Deidara started to choke. I looked over at Naruto who was watching everything that was happening. I turned back to see Deidara's face was turning blue. But the girl soon lowered her arm and Deidara could breath again

"I'm not like you! I'm not a monster!" She turned and ran while Deidara fell to the ground gasping for breath.

"Naruto you check on Deidara and I get the girl" Naruto nodded then jumped down as I chased after the girl.

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