Your not alone (Naruto Fan Fic)

This is a Naruto Fan fic so no hate plz.

Gaara knew that there was one person in the whole world who knew what he had felt but that person didnt have the same childhood didnt have people try to kill at every turn but soon that was going to change.


1. Chapter 1


Gaara's Pov

"Kankaro what are you doing?" I said as I entered MY office to find my brother sitting in MY chair looking through MY paperwork.

"Errr Hi Gaara I was looking for the picture of that man you wanted me to go and capture" He scratched the back of his head nervously. I sighed than picked it up off the courner of my desk and handed it to him

"I swear everytime I get you to go out on an hunting mission you always seem to lose the picture" He smiled

"Thanks Gaara I'll see you later" He quickly ran out the room.

I sat down in my chair and ran my fingers through my messy red hair.Temari soon came in holding a piece of paper.

"Hey Gaara I think you'll want in on this mission" I looked at my sister and saw the piece of paper was a picture. I took the picture and noticed that it was the blonde man that had come into the village and tried to capture me from a few nights ago.

"Where did you get this?" She smiled

"From just outside the leaf village, Naruto knew you would want in on this mission" I smiled

"I sure would like some pay back" I stood up and headed towards the door

"Um Gaara who you gonna put in charge while your gone?" I turned around

"You if you want to" She smiled

"I would love to" I smiled and ran out the door.

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