My bestfriend justin💜

Alessia smith is a normal girl that wins a contest online And gets meet & greet tickets for a JUSTIN BIEBER contest!!!
She's a huge Belieber and her dream is to meet her idol and become a professional dancer.
What happens when alessia meets her idol and starts to get involved in his life?


5. the results ;)

I woke up to Lizz running around my room.

i was staring at her,she is crazy why is she running all around my room at 8 am in the morning IT`S SATURDAY!

she then finally realized that i was awake and stopped running.

Alessia:What are u doing?

Lizz:I can`t find my Dance Stuff!

Alessia: Lizz u didn`t bring them here, they`re at your house!

Lizz:Oh yeah right. hahahahah sorry.

Alessia: Smartass!

Lizz: Now go back to sleep.

Alessia: I can`t you woke me up.

Lizz: Sorry.

Alessia:Yeah yeah, go get your Dance stuff while i take a shower, we have rehersals at 10am

Lizz: K.

While Lizz was gone i took a quick shower and took my Dance clothes and put them on.

In the mean time Lizz came back she had the same dance clothe like me :)

Lizz: Bestie?

Alessia: Yeah?

Lizz: When are we gonna know if we won the contest?

Alessia: They said they would send the winners an e-Mail around 4pm.

Lizz: Well thats 30 min after we finish rehersals so we`ll have to wait .

Alessia: Yeah i know. What Time is it by the way?

Lizz: 9:45 am

Alessia: Shit! Lizz hurry we need to go!

Luckly we arived at the dance studio just in time.

we rehersed for over 4h

we were sooo tired.

we finished earlier today at 3am so we had 1h and 30 min left before scooter tells who won.

we went to McDonalds we were starving.

(skip Lunch)

Lizz:Its 3:45 Alessia, don`t be so nervous.

i was shaking by the thought that we could acctually win this contest.

Alessia: Don`t be so nervous?! the fuck lizz we`re talking about Justin Drew Fucking Bieber!


Lizz: Its ok. 5 min left.

Alessia: Come on hurry turn the computer on!

Lizz: I'm on my Way.

Alessia: 1min left!

Lizz:.........ooohhhh im scared.

Alessia:.....Me too

Just then we here a bing and that means we got an e-Mail.

we were both shaking.

we opened the e-Mail and it said........



Lizz&Alessia: WE WOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!OMB !!!!! WEEE WOOOOOON!!!

We were so happy.

Lizz stayed over bc Tomorrow we needed to go shopping for the concert.



(A/N)heeey guys i`m sorry if its too short but i promise the next ones are gonna be longer, but there is just gonna be a new chapter if i get 1 comment bc i think nobody is reading if i get 1 comment i`ll update right away.




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