My bestfriend justin💜

Alessia smith is a normal girl that wins a contest online And gets meet & greet tickets for a JUSTIN BIEBER contest!!!
She's a huge Belieber and her dream is to meet her idol and become a professional dancer.
What happens when alessia meets her idol and starts to get involved in his life?


4. the contest ;)

heeey guys so this is my first chapter ever soooooo pl pls pls nooo hate i LOVE U ALL!!


i woke up to a beautiful day i opend my eyes and smiled because i had to go to school....

Naaah that only happens in movies hahahahahah XD

IF I WAS UR BOYFRIEND I`D NEVER LET U GO...... my Alarm went off at 7am that meant that it was another stupid day i had to go to school or how i call it hell...

i stood up and took a quick shower when i was i dressed.

i put this on:

i never dress to classy for school like i said its a living hell like for what do we need it i mean english we live in the united states of america thats the international Language History like they`re all dead anyways Math there`s a calculator  Music ther`s Youtube and the popular bitches aaagggh i hate them i mean i am popular but i`m not a totall bitch like them haahahahah Anyways when i finished i went to the kitchen i kissed my mom on the cheek and took an apple when i finished my apple i waited until my bestfriend Lizz came.

when she arrived i hugged her.

Alessia:Hey bitch hahahah 

Lizz:Hey Slut hahahah

Alessia:turn on the radiooo!

Lizz:Ok,Ok calm down!


when the radio started All that matters was playing we started dancing & singing like we were crazy.

Alessia:Ur all that matters to meeeeeee yeah yeah whats a king bed without a queeeeeen there aint no i in teaaaam you maaake me complete Ur all that matters to mee....

the song finished and we were out of breath hahahah

Lizz:Oh hey i just remembered that ther is a contest online about the biebs it`s starting after school you can win 2 meet & greet tickets!!!!!

Alessia:WHAAAAT!!!! weeee need tooo enter that contest!!!!!!

Lizz:but what`s the point of it we won`t win either way

Alessia:Lizz come on!! at least we will try! remember what Justin says BELIEVE AND NEVER SAY NEVER!

Lizz:Yeah ur right! we at least have to try and yeah never say never and believe!

(skip school)

Alessia:Come on lizz we need to go home before the contest starts!


Alessia:Finally! lets go!

(Skip ride)

we arrived at my house we ran to my room and ran stright to the computer.

we entered the contest.

we answered all the questions and it was done now the only thing to do was Believe!

Lizz stayed at my house we kind of had a sleep over! hahaha

it was fun!


So guys my first chapter i know its shit sorry i hope i will get better at these! love u!







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