My bestfriend justin💜

Alessia smith is a normal girl that wins a contest online And gets meet & greet tickets for a JUSTIN BIEBER contest!!!
She's a huge Belieber and her dream is to meet her idol and become a professional dancer.
What happens when alessia meets her idol and starts to get involved in his life?


6. shopping ;)

We could barely sleep last night we were way to much excited.

but atleast we got like 6h of sleep and that is enough.

I woke up and took a shower the i put this on:

after i got dressed i woke lizz up.

she took a shower and meanwhile i made pancakes :)

she put this on:

it wasn`t that cold today actually it was warm but we decided to put long sleeved t-shirts on.

we ate the pancakes and went shopping;)

Lizz bought this things:

and i bought this things:

we bought the perfect clothes for the concert now we just needed to go home dress up and go to the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(A/N) sooo loveleis i am sooooo soooooo sooorry that i didnt update Yesterday my computer had problems to make you guys forgive me i`ll update a second time today but just if my computer doesnt have problems today hahaha i`ll try my best.

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