My bestfriend justin💜

Alessia smith is a normal girl that wins a contest online And gets meet & greet tickets for a JUSTIN BIEBER contest!!!
She's a huge Belieber and her dream is to meet her idol and become a professional dancer.
What happens when alessia meets her idol and starts to get involved in his life?


9. meet & greet ✌️

He was there standing right infront of me. I couldnt believe it. Than we made eye contact and sparkels were what i felt.

Justin's POV:

when i came out flying in the wings i kept looking at my beliebers.

I love them soo much the tought of them madee smile. But then my eyes met a beautiful girl with braun curly hair,braun eyes and a cute style too.

I kept looking at her but then i landed and had to perform. When the concert was over i went to the meet & greet

I hoped the girl that i saw was coming. Well we just need to wait.

Alessia's POV:

My hands were shaking. my eyes were full of believe,joy & happy tears.

we started walking towards him he looked really happy and that made me smile :) .

alessia:OMG i love u so so so so much. i cant believe u r here in front of me OMG i love u.

lizz:OMG u r Justin b-bieber i cant believe this i love u.

Justin: hahaha thanks i love u too. whats ur name sweetheart?


Justin:a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

i was blushing soo hard that he noticed.

Justin:aaaaw someone is blushing :)

Alessia: stop it hahaha

By the time we took our pic : we were hugging and he kissed my cheek ;)

Justin: Hey girls if u dont mind u could hang out with us in th tourbus i mean there is no one in line so..?

Alessia & lizz: uhmm yeah sure but just if we dont bother u.

Justin: u sure dont

A/n :sorry this chapter is short i just havent got so much time in these last weeks i have so many problems not just school mz crush and everything :( well i 'll try updating more often. Sorry.

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