My bestfriend justin💜

Alessia smith is a normal girl that wins a contest online And gets meet & greet tickets for a JUSTIN BIEBER contest!!!
She's a huge Belieber and her dream is to meet her idol and become a professional dancer.
What happens when alessia meets her idol and starts to get involved in his life?


7. concert <3

(A/N)heeey guys i know u probably hate me right now for not updating i`m sooooo soooo sorry but i have so much school i mean i start school at 7:20 am and it finishes at 11:40 am and then it starts at 1:30 pm again and finishes at 5pm or 4:15 pm its like hell really. Pls forgive me with this chapter.


Alessia`s POV:

We went back to my house and got dressed.

we did our make up and hair:

we looked good.

Lizz: U look stunning.

Me:thanks u too.

Lizz: Lets go now .

Me:yeah lets go.

In the car:

Me:AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! i cant believe my dream is gonna come true in a few hours!!!

Lizz:Yeaaaah me neither!!! but stop yelling in my ear!!!!!

Me:Oh sorry i`m just sooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizz: Here we go again with the screaming. *whispering*


Lizz:Damn U got a LOOOOUd voice girl!!!!!!


meanwhile we were listening to the radio and lolly come on and we start dancing singing & messing around like crazy.

while the song finished we arrived at the arena.

we entert the arena and got to our front row seats!!!!

we waited until the timer hitted 00.

when it did Justin came out Flying with wings.

he looked like an angel.

Me and Lizz started crying.

They were tears of joy. We were sooo happy that we finally saw our Idol live doing what he loves with the persons he love.

when he came out i swear i could see him looking at me but i`m sure it was only my imagination.

he then kept singing and dancing and oh boy was he flawless.

he performed the songs:


As long as you love me

All aroud the world

Be alright

Take you

Yellow raincoat


Then he started singing One less lonely girl

Me and Lizz started looking around to see who would be the One less lonely Girl.

Then we spotted her it was a girl in the 6th row she was crying sooo much.

after the concert we went to the meet & greet we were the last in the line :( but o well atleast we still get to meet him.

after like 1hour it was our turn.

we opened the tent and there he was looking flawless and sexy as Always.

we walked up to him and....


(A/N) hahahaha Cliffhager muaaahahahahaha no just kidding i`ll update Tomorrow evening. and sorry for the wrong grammar i`m not american or british or australian or Canadian :(


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