Him and Her

Hi, meet Harper Alexis, she is only 12yrs old. It's her third week at her all-girls high school, at Atlantis School. She misses her old friends and wishes to see them she tries to arrange a day out with all her friends, especially the boy of her dreams. Harper and the boy of her dreams have dated before but things didn't work out but she refuses to think that. Doing everything that she can she calls and texts him to see whether they could ever be a couple again. Wanting to see him she tries to meet up with him.......but he reaches her first!


5. Then there were two

Since the makeover Maya and him have been super super close and right now I am feeling betrayed, what friend would ever steal their best friend's crush huh, an evil person of course. 

They have been sitting with each other at lunch and Maya has him going to her club with her, I would go it's that Maya has asked me to go before and I said that it was boring so if I just turn up she'll know that I only went because he did and that I didn't really like the club. 

As the chapter title is: Then there were two well it obviously isn't me and him it's Maya and him and to make it even worse I asked Maya to go out tonight round my house for one of our famous slumber parties but she says that he asked her to go round his house to help him with his homework. That is supposed to me because I am his guider but I guess he prefers Maya to be any day as he is showing it. 

I think to myself I might as well tell Miss Ellie that he wants to be partners with Maya as they spend so much time together. Maybe I am over-reacting maybe he likes her but maybe she don't want to hurt his feelings as he is my crush. I dunno. I wish this all went away. I wish he chose me

(Next Day)

I don't bother knocking for him anymore as he is always getting lifts with Maya as she lives really close to him, practically next door, so instead of me getting a ride in her car it's him. I start to feel a little bit jealous, well really jealous. why does this happen to me huh? why can't this happen to anyone else but me? I can't mope around school no-one can see the most popular girl sad. I just have to drop them both out of my life let them be happy together without me as they are already doing that so it wouldn't matter if I just slip away. 

Maybe I might move schools and work myself back to the top as then Maya and him won't be there to ruin my life and I can make more friends and have more crushes without them. I'll ask Mum whether I can move schools or even be home schooled and move house and say I have gone to live abroad. That's all I can do just sit back and watch my best friend and my crush, not 'my guy' anymore it's 'Maya's guy' now have fun without me.

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