Him and Her

Hi, meet Harper Alexis, she is only 12yrs old. It's her third week at her all-girls high school, at Atlantis School. She misses her old friends and wishes to see them she tries to arrange a day out with all her friends, especially the boy of her dreams. Harper and the boy of her dreams have dated before but things didn't work out but she refuses to think that. Doing everything that she can she calls and texts him to see whether they could ever be a couple again. Wanting to see him she tries to meet up with him.......but he reaches her first!


4. Something Suspicious is Happening

*School Finishes*

Well time to go shopping I say to Maya. Let's go and give him a makeover so he can look like one of us. 

We get into my car and set off to the town centre, my parents gave me £200 on my purple debit card. They only gave me that much this time as I said I wanted to help him look better so his social status can rise up to my level and my parents always love me helping people.I usually get £150 on my debit card but they gave me £50 more so I can totally give him a makeover as a proper good looking makeovers are so pricey these days but it is totally worth it.

*Arrive at the centre*

"Look how many shops there are just waiting for me, I can't wait. EEK!" I grab him and Maya and rush to my favourite shop.

*Hours of shopping past*

"Go and try this on, I think it will totally suit you." I tell him. So he goes into the changing rooms while me and Maya go looking at the clothes. He eventually comes out looking superbly gorgeous and sexy. I feel tears in my eyes a miracle has happened. 

Then I see the look that he gives to Maya and the look that Maya gives to him. OMG do they like each other, is my best friend Maya moving in on my guy.

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