Him and Her

Hi, meet Harper Alexis, she is only 12yrs old. It's her third week at her all-girls high school, at Atlantis School. She misses her old friends and wishes to see them she tries to arrange a day out with all her friends, especially the boy of her dreams. Harper and the boy of her dreams have dated before but things didn't work out but she refuses to think that. Doing everything that she can she calls and texts him to see whether they could ever be a couple again. Wanting to see him she tries to meet up with him.......but he reaches her first!


1. Letting Go

The last day is so vivid in my mind it feels like it was yesterday. If only I wished. I miss everything especially him....I should of told him how I felt but I didn't. If there is a time machine I would go back in time and tell him, tell him how I felt, but I don't have the courage to tell him what happens if he rejects me what happens if he thinks I am a freak!!!!!! 

"Harper?" Miss Ellie says. OMG! I don't know the answer, what am I supposed to do? 

"Europe" I say to try and cover up me daydreaming. Oops! I forgot we are in maths. Cringe!!!! 

"A very interesting answer but no, it's y=mx+c" Miss Ellie says and then she comes over to me and says "Come talk to me at the end of the lesson I need to ask you something" 

"Sure no problem" I say as that's all I can say really. It's a teacher you have to say yes unless it's something stupid.  

*Ring Ring* 

There's the bell I have to go talk to Miss Ellie about something guys meet you later. 

Maya says "Okay Harper see ya"

"Miss Ellie you wanted to ask me something"

"Yes a school is coming with some students to see what yr 7 is like in different schools and I need you to show a student around if that's okay with you." Miss Ellie says

"Okay sure no problem Miss Ellie" I say


I have really said I would help show people from another school wow I barely know my way around let alone showing someone else around as well. Oh well at least I won't get lost by myself.


(The Next Day)

Why do we have to go to school we have everything we need at home I just don't get it. OMG I have to go I have nearly missed my bus. Ahhhhh morning disaster!!!!!! 

"Hey Maya what's up want to go shopping after school we have to go shopping for Belle's party."I text Maya .

"Oh yeh I forgot about the party, and yeh we can go shopping after school I love shopping!" Maya texts.

"Awesome see you at school then"


OH FUDGE!! I forgot I have to show a student from a different school thank god it's not after school otherwise I would have to take them shopping. Ooh maybe it's a girl then I can take them shopping with Maya. I can't wait!! EEK!!!



"Let's go"

Miss Ellie shows me the people and they have to pick one of the chosen pupils from Atlantis High. Not bad They look alright. That girl looks so perfect I want her. 

"Miss Ellie can I have her"

Miss Ellie says "Remember they have to choose you"

Oh right that's the system and the system is stupid. Let's take a look at the boys. Not bad, ooh a cute one, nah,who is he................. OH NO AHHHHHHHHHHHH FASHION GOD HELP!!!!!!!!!! Breathe Harper Breathe it might not be him. I see his name tag. IT'S HIM!!!!!!!! 

What was I supposed to do huh, stand and smile and pretend I don't know him, I can't because he has read all my messages. 

He is looking at me and then I see his finger pointing in my direction...............


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