Him and Her

Hi, meet Harper Alexis, she is only 12yrs old. It's her third week at her all-girls high school, at Atlantis School. She misses her old friends and wishes to see them she tries to arrange a day out with all her friends, especially the boy of her dreams. Harper and the boy of her dreams have dated before but things didn't work out but she refuses to think that. Doing everything that she can she calls and texts him to see whether they could ever be a couple again. Wanting to see him she tries to meet up with him.......but he reaches her first!


2. EX-cuses EX-cuses

Why? Why me? What have I done to deserve this. Well this is my punishment for offering to help. Next time I shall be more cautious to what I am helping with. 

*pinch pinch* Wake up from this nightmare it's not real it's not real. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! His finger is still pointing at me. IT's REAL IT IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!! 

"Oh look a famous footballer" Slowly back out hopefully that distracted them.  

"Harper, are you going somewhere?" Miss Ellie asks.


"Good well you and him are partners for the 2 weeks they are here and as you guys live close to each other I have called your parents and they said that you guys could walk to school together how fun!"

"Whoopee!" I say very, VERY awkwardly. What to do thank god I don't have to take him shopping with me and Maya.

"wait" Miss Ellie interrupts my thoughts" you also are hanging out after school as your parents thought that would be a great time to bond."


"Is it okay if we go shopping though as I promised my friend that I would"

He said" why not"

He spoke to me, the guy I used to like spoke to me. Well I still like him but he actually spoke to me. OMG! I feel very lightheaded maybe I need to calm down. 

"Harper it's time to go to lessons Miss Ellie just told us to go to lessons before we're late. Do you have my timetable?" He said

"What timetable oh right I don't have your timetable but your coming to my lessons so just follow me."

*ring ring*

"Why are you late Harper it's not like you to be late and who have you brought along with you?" Mrs Locket asked

I replied "well Miss Ellie asked me to help show around a student for 2 weeks so he has to come to all my lessons Mrs Locket and sorry we're late I had to see Miss Ellie to know who I am showing around and here we are."

*lessons goes on and on and on for hours *

*ring ring*

Mrs Locket" lunchtime pack up and leave quickly I am a very busy person"

" Yeah right" He said.

I laughed could my day get any better. So me and him bought lunch and Maya had a club so she could eat lunch with me so I guess it was just me and him.

This day just got better!

"Hey Harper want to come eat with us?" asks Poppy.

"Sorry can't have to give a tour to him maybe next time" I say

"what are you talking about?"

"Oh nothing you won't understand."

That was so close I can't CANNOT let him meet other girls otherwise me and Him will never happen, again. I have to be super careful. I don't want to lose him again.  Maybe I will keep him all to myself.....but that's just too selfish I will just make sure he can't become to close to any other girls. 

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