Him and Her

Hi, meet Harper Alexis, she is only 12yrs old. It's her third week at her all-girls high school, at Atlantis School. She misses her old friends and wishes to see them she tries to arrange a day out with all her friends, especially the boy of her dreams. Harper and the boy of her dreams have dated before but things didn't work out but she refuses to think that. Doing everything that she can she calls and texts him to see whether they could ever be a couple again. Wanting to see him she tries to meet up with him.......but he reaches her first!


3. All goes well

Well, my plan has worked perfectly for 2 days, he has not met any other girls besides Maya. I have nothing to be worried about because Maya is my best friend and she knows I like him so obviously she won't move in on my guy, well not 'my guy' yet.

(Next Day)

*Waking Up*

"Mum what time is it?" I shout from my room

"Harper Alexis get up at once your going to be late if your knocking for your friend." Mum yells.

Oh great I have another problem on my hands why can't he knock for me huh, why do I have to knock for him. So I get dressed curl my hair so it's wavy, put my make-up on and file my nails. Then eventually I grab my fashionable school bag and set off for school in my dull school uniform, but I can pull anything off as I can make anything and everything work. I have to as I am  the most prettiest girl in school and plus I am popular. I have my fingers crossed that he looks fashionable, because I can't be seen with a non-fashionable person it will ruin my look. 

I walk in my black low heeled shoes to his house and I see him looking really un-fashionable. WOW fashion god help me! I just had the best idea ever, I am going shopping with Maya and we can totally sexy him up, but for now I have to just adjust his uniform otherwise I cannot and I mean CANNOT be seen with him. 

So far everything has gone to plan.


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