Sugar I'm Going Down

Emma had a normal life although she didn't have many friends, or family probvably because she is such an angry and cold hearted person but that all seemed to change one day..


2. Everyone's dead

Emma ran and ran, she kept a straight face and shot at the occasional "walker". Rupert helped a lot as he raced at them and tugged at their legs, ripping them and pulling them down. 

Everywhere she looked all there was to be found were zombies and dead people.. "There's no one left there's no one left" she thought as she raced on. All of a sudden there was a loud bark and a whine, Emma turned around only to see a walker with it's jaw around  Rupert's neck it bit down while Emma shakily took a shot with her bow, getting it right between the eyes.

Shakily Emma walked over to Rupert who was no longer moving, she gently kissed his head. "Thankyou" she whispered.Night was coming on fast and more and more anger filled her body. She came across an open patch with a big tree so she decided to camp up there. Quickly Emma got the rope out of her bag and climbed up then fastened herself to the branch she was on. 

Tears started to fall down her face as she looked down onto the village which had now been totally destroyed.. She felt herself build up with anger as if she was going to explode. 

Her fists punched and punched the tree as hard as she could, leaving little dents behind she punched and punched until she finally calmed down a tiny bit and settled down to watch over her destroyed home.

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