Sugar I'm Going Down

Emma had a normal life although she didn't have many friends, or family probvably because she is such an angry and cold hearted person but that all seemed to change one day..


1. Discovery

Emma slumped down on the sofa and threw her bag to the side of her. It was all quiet.. too quiet.

She stood up and walked into the kitchen "Where is dad?"  she thought as she looked outside. Emma looked outside again in horror, blood was smeared on the floor and she heard her dog Rupert barking loudly.

There was her dad lying on the floor, his gun in hand with blood streaming from his neck.

"No No no!!!" She shouted as she rushed out and to his side, all of a sudden she regretted everything bad she had ever said to him, he was the only family she had left. Tears streamed from her eyes and she leant over him. He whispered in her ear "Run Emma run and don't stop..."

She sucked up her tears then it all fell silent as she heard a loud groan from behind her.. slowly she turned round and saw a tall figure, his skin and clothes torn. He walked slowly towards her, Emma knew something wasn't right so carefully Emma grabbed her dads gun and shot twice at its head.

This meant something was completely wrong.. could it be? "zombies" Emma whispered softly. She ran upstairs as fast as she could, put on her leather jacket then grabbed her bow and quiver.

Her heart beat fast like a hammer pounding against her chest as she grabbed her bag, ran out the door then into the forest with Rupert right beside her.

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