This is the story about a little girl named Pandora...


2. Pandora

The woods were eerily silent, the bright moonlight casting creepy shadows that would make anyone question what they were. The little girl awakened to find herself lying on the snow covered forest floor; she sat up, her midnight black hair coming loose from the hair ties that were keeping her hair up in pigtails. The child’s striking blue eyes studied her surroundings as she held her teddy bear that her mother personally made. She stood up and decided to walk through the woods alone, not knowing where she was but all she wanted was to return home to her Mummy and Daddy.

It was another peaceful day at the Zoland Castle with Pandora playing cheerfully in her room with all of her toys.  The King and Queen, Pandora’s parents, were sitting calmly in one of the many living rooms, lounging near a fire warming up since it was snowing outside. The castle had a secret though; the King and Queen of Mysterion were the most powerful people in the land, with incredible magic powers that any magical being in the land could wish for. Of course, Pandora had inherited the family’s magic powers and they were growing more powerful by the day.

For years, people have wanted the Zoland family’s incredible powers. Many attempts of kidnapping have been made but all of them have failed, which is the reason why the towering castle had such large gates, protected by strong white magic and only the best and most trustworthy of guards.

 It had happened so quickly. The gates were broken and the men came storming in, trashing everything in their way. A guard came into the room where the king and queen were, out of breath and tired, “Your Highnesses! The castle!”

 The queen paled, “I knew this would happen one day.” she whispered.

“Elaine, I want you to take Pandora and go; run far away from here, go into the woods where our safe house is.” the King said to his wife.

 “I don’t want to leave you here! You’re going to die!” she cried with tears streaming down her face.

“I said go!” he demanded. His eyes then softened and he took her hand and uttered lovingly “Remember, I will always love you no matter what happens my dear, forever and always.”

“Forever and always” Elaine replied. She then turned around and ran up the many steps to her daughter’s room, crying for the love of her life.

“Hello, do you want to play with me?” Pandora’s little voice asked the man who had appeared in her room.

“Hi there, I’d love to play with you but do you want to come with me and play outside instead?” he questioned to the little girl who was sitting on the floor wearing a white dress and her black hair up in pigtails.

Pandora nodded “Okay!” she beamed, climbing into the arms of the man, before he began walking quickly down the staircase, in a hurry to make it outside and give the little girl to his leader.  He didn’t want to but he was forced to.

“Put-my-daughter-down!” Elaine shouted in a threatening voice.

The man quickly put her down. “I-I don’t mean any harm,” he stammered, “it was on the orders of Mr Morbid” he then disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

Elaine scooped Pandora protectively into her arms. “I thought he was gonna play with me.” Pandora pouted. “It’s alright, darling. We’ve got to go now.” Elaine imagined in her mind standing outside the castle, and they both appeared there in a matter of seconds.

“Mummy, where’s Daddy?” Pandora questioned as her mother ran through the woods with her daughter in her arms. “Don’t worry, darling. He’s coming soon,” she assured her daughter, but she was holding back tears.

They reached the safe house and Elaine put Pandora down, she rested her head against Pandora's and started muttering an enchantment that she knew would protect her daughter from anything bad.

“Mummy and Daddy love you, always remember that.” Elaine choked out as she cried. “Mummy, don’t go.” Pandora pleaded sleepily. “I have to. Don’t worry, Mummy will be back soon.” Elaine whispered as she kissed her daughter’s forehead, placed her favourite teddy bear in her arms that she had been carrying and ran back towards the castle. “No…” Pandora murmured before falling into a deep sleep.

The little girl now remembering her name was Pandora and the events that had led to her waking up alone in the forest, continued to trudge on through the cold woods. The snow not seeming to affect her in any way at all as she walked through the woods, the bright moonlight guiding her path as she was determined to find her parents and what had happened to them.


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