Typed Music


I suppose these are just little pieces of me, wrapped up in words.

The forgotten melodies of my mind.


9. You had muesli teeth

You had muesli teeth,
I thought,
When you smiled
And you ornamented my arms
With highlighter swirls.
You liked skateboards and surfboards
And you drew impossible rollercoasters
Which scrawled, lawlessly, across your maths book.

We had wars with rubbers,
I remember,
And hysterical, incriminating laughing fits
That only I got told off for.
Now you’re two feet taller
2629745 minutes older
And half a stranger to me.
You arrive at the party,
Skateboard in the crook of your lanky arm,
Wearing a lopsided grin.
You look right through me.
And, in that moment,
The chords of our friendship break,
The chords only I savoured,
And your muesli-toothed smile
Wastes away in my heart.
I watch you light a cigarette
I feel
The awkwardness as it hangs on your lips
And my you burns on its tip.
2629745 minutes apart
But I still treasured you,
Aged eight, in my heart
Clearly you had no snapshots.
An eight-year-old smokes and smoulders,
The party lights swim;
Engulf me in their music
And the mainstream throbbing.
My hand finds my pocket,
My jeans,
As I turn away from your pyre
The cased highlighter in there

Strokes my fingers.
I cling to my little piece of you.


I met a friend from five years ago at a party by chance. The gap since we last saw each other seemed awkward


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