Typed Music


I suppose these are just little pieces of me, wrapped up in words.

The forgotten melodies of my mind.


34. The best days

The best days
Are not the Best Days
Or even the good days
They are the unremarkable
When you take a step away from yourself
And observe the perfection of a moment
From beyond it
When you are driving fast
Through a slow-moving night
And the headlights are smearing themselves on the roads
Like they’re trying to redecorate
And the radio is singing Yellow
And you turn your head out the window
To find a moon hung there
Blue-tacked to the infinity of sky
As thick and yellow as your grandmother’s smile
Or when it is winter and the sun has set
But the world doesn’t want the day to be over
And so pulls a musty, mustardy-grey blanket
Right up to its neck and prays
That the time for streetlights
Will insist on running ahead of it
Or when the shadows grow long in summer
And they fall like dust on the sand dunes
You run down to the sea
And try to hold it in your hands
Until the tide prises it from your clenching fingertips
Or when the sunrise is pink
And the cloud caps skid
Like ice-creams on hot plates
And you can’t help but bask in
The creativity of God
The painter
Whose masterpiece could simply not be framed
And hung on your kitchen wall
And for a little while you want to be able
To lick the colours and candyfloss
Until someone says that little rhyme
About red sky in the mornings
And a shepherd’s warning.


Last night I was driven fast through a slow-moving night while the cars redecorated the roads and the moon smiled in the same colour as a Coldplay song on the radio.

And I wrote a poem that was halfway to being classed as happy.

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