Typed Music


I suppose these are just little pieces of me, wrapped up in words.

The forgotten melodies of my mind.


15. Harry Potter: tribute to the fallen

I took the curse with you,
Crumpled marionette in the hallway.
I stood before the cot with you,
Watched death approach – sharp and green and cruel.

I was in your graveyard with you,
A spare part destroyed, a life ruptured.

I fell through the veil with you,
Smile vanishing into whispers before it had really begun.

With you I begged for relief,
And spiralled rag-doll,
Half-moon spectacles crooked.

With you I took the knife in my ragged chest,
Breathed out a conclusion from beneath my pencil nose.

With you my laughter froze forever,
As the corridor split in two,
And one whole became a half in my broken heart.

With you I felt the fangs,
Venom of a two-faced game;
Puncture wounds and leaking memories.

I died for a child with you,
Fighting for his future to be free from malice
And I felt your blow as, in death,
Your fingers blasted from your husband’s corpse
And I watched the pair of you;
Bubble-gum pink and shabby coat –
Colour stolen like your parenthood.

I entered the forest with you,
Stone slipped from my palm,
And I greeted death as an old friend.

You were all so much more than words,
And I’m haunted by the songs of your last sentences,
And the abrupt culminations of your full stops.




I like this better as just the last verse...

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