Typed Music


I suppose these are just little pieces of me, wrapped up in words.

The forgotten melodies of my mind.


55. Global Melting

I realised too late

That I should not have

Tidied us into separate picture frames

When we could


Have shared one between us

Like those other lovers

Who sit together on swings

And giddy themselves

And that I should not have

Scribbled over every thought

And possibility

And guess

I should not have hemmed back

The inch of romance

I once set aside for you

Because the only thing that stopped me

Was fear

Was my toes-behind-the-line-I-ruled-myself approach

To affection 

When opportunity knocked I drew the bolt

I could not step out of the box

I shut myself in

You remain my one love story

The sole great un-requited affair

The unspoken words

Between each conversation line

The bruises beneath my eyes

In which restless night-hours can be counted

The coffee stains on the pages of my novel

That will forever anticipate a 'you' that is past


And you remain my one love story

You are the love story that I told myself

Was not love


And we were never anything other than silence

And holes in the conversation

Like dropped stitches

When we were twelve

You asked me out via someone else

And I stamped hard on your offered palm

Never stopping to learn

Whether you meant it

And I hope now that you did

Because then it is not so foolish to call you

A Love Affair


And I still do not quite believe that I love you


I saw you today

And my chest

Ceased to be that glacier it chooses to be

Pinned under the lining of every coat

I own

And you said


And I hoped I wasn't imaging it

That you were pleased to see me

Because I know that the

Global Warming

Of my world had to be worth something to you

And I have always been something of an


And you have always been something of a skateboarder

But you are immortal

In my






Confused melting

As I paint the pavement

With the contents of my


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