Typed Music


I suppose these are just little pieces of me, wrapped up in words.

The forgotten melodies of my mind.


31. Broken

They were broken children
Their scissored minds ran them
In spirals
Until they sat with crossed legs
And crossed lips
To press themselves flatter
They were cut-strings marionettes
Who danced
In an attempt to wring calories
From their balsa-wood bones
Which refused to give
And who pinned their painted smiles
A little tighter each morning
They were snapped-spines picture books
Who’d been warped too far by society
And had had their pages torn from the crease
So that words hung like razor blades
And spliced from each vertebrae

They took them to the circus
Where they were the butt of every joke
But when the clowns speared them with dripping eyes
And artificial mouths that were stretched over grimaces
Like the dusts jacket from a different story
They stared back glassily
Because how can you be afraid
Of the broken clockwork of your reflection?




Basically... When my brother was in a children's and adolescents' mental health hospital their 'October Half Term Holiday Week' featured a few day trips and as part of it they went to this farm near where I live. Every year for Halloween this farm does this massive Halloween festival/theme-park-type-thing and hires all these actors to scare people and all the kids round here go and people say it is the most terrifying experience ever... I've never been because my parents are pretty anti-Halloween but one of my brother's day trip thingies was to there and I asked him if it was scary and he said no and then I kind of thought how could it really be scary when he daily faced something far scarier...

Anyway, this is sort of a delayed response to this... I changed it up a little bit but I guess I still feel the same way about it... I wrote it today because my teacher wanted us to write poems on the theme of 'Broken'.

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