Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

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Jessica's POV

After what the boys said plus the way Nathan was acting without Kiva I know that this was just the thing we needed to get back at the boys for what they did. We were going to leave and go to Edmonton for a few days then go back. I meet with the girls and we left.

We had arrived and were taking a walk when I felt something hit the back of my head and everything went dark.

Kiva's POV

I woke up to a weird scent. I looked around and found that I was chained to an unfamiliar bed. I sat up with a large headache. Two guys walked in one blonde with a lip piercing and the other long green hair. " well look she's up. What should we do with her now?" Green said "Well first we bring her and the others to Harry and Zayn then maybe we could have some fun with the girls." Said lip piercing "Hey twiddle dee and twiddle dumb one of those girls is sitting right here and you ain't doing nothing to anyone exempt your whores." I yelled "well your a feisty one aren't you" blonde said. I was slowly melting the chains till I felt them fall from my wrists. I slowly got up and attacked them. I had them pinned till a third guy who I didn't see punched me. They picked me up and brought me to a different room.

In the next room there was 8 guys, Luna, and Marci. "Harry, Zayn be careful of this one she's stubborn." Blonde said to a curly haired and dark haired guy. "Thank you Luke for the warning. Michael, calum, and Ashton you may leave" said curly. "Well ladies do you know why your here?" "NO WHY THE FUCK WOULD WE? WE WERE KIDNAPPED." Yelled Jess causing Marci and I to cringe. She doesn't know but she just used her Alpha voice and it scared us. "Well missy your here cause your the three highest ranking females in your pack and your are mates to our enemy" said the boy who I now realized was Zayn and the other was Harry, they are from One Direction and the other guys were 5 seconds of summer. Oh well we are so screwed.

Toms POV

"WHERE THE HELL IS SHE" Nathan yelled he was pacing and we could all see that he was fighting his wolf. "Nathan calm down" Max said trying but epically failing to calm him down. There was something different about Kiva and Nathan's mate bond it was 20x stronger then most. The girls have been gone for a little more then 24hrs and the guys were getting worried but Nathan he past worried 1 hour after Kiva didn't answer. He is going onto full on crazy insane beta wolf. Max was worried but since he was alpha he had to keep it together but he was also to busy dealing with Nathan. Siva cried for the first few hours then went on a full on rage fit, now he is sitting on the couch staring at the wall saying nothing.

I walked over to Max. "Alpha maybe we should bring back up." "Good idea Tom I'll be right back watch Nathan make sure he doesn't hurt himself, someone or something" I nodded

Max came back and an hour later the boys of Union J walked in. The band was a pack of Hybrids but George was the strongest cause he was a mix of three different species. We had met the boys during our tour back home. Then we learned who they where before we left. And well he just kept contact. Josh, Jj, Jaymi and George sat on the couch. "Ok what's wrong with him?" Josh asked pointing to Nathan. Who was still pacing. "Oh it's that he has this weird anxiety thing when his mates not around." Jay says plainly.

A/N I want all you Stressed,Depressed, Boy band Obsessed people to know that I have nothing against 1D and 5SOS. I actually love them and would die if I met any of the bands. I just needed to pick up the pace of the book. I love them all so much.

Q's to think of.

Why do the 1D/5SOS guys want the girls?

What are they?

Will the TW/UJ boys find the girls in time?

While the girls find a way to escape?


Are you?




Goodnight beautiful people ;) comment some of your answers.

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