Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

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14. what the F@€k

Jess POV

I woke up to everyone watching me. I don't remember falling asleep. I thought hard and remembered.


I was walking down the hall to the change rooms after the concert and a beautiful dog came out of no where. "hey big guy were you come from? Hey you have the same colour of eyes as Max he is the guy that I have strong feelings for." The dogs eyes light up but soon there was pain in his eyes. He was turning to leave when another one a little smaller came down the hall. The two looked at each other they looked like they were talking to each other. Out of no where the smaller one pounced on me. He was about to attack me when the bigger one jumped on top of him and bit him. Small whimpered but tried to attack again. The big one tried to bit him again but this time small dodged and big bit me instead. I felt pain rip through my body then everything was black.

*end of Flashback*

I looked around for the dogs and found that there was only the big who was my hero well sort of. The dog sat staring at me with worry in his eyes. The group turned away. He came up to me, and he began to glow, when the light stopped in his place was a very naked Max. Nathan turned around and handed him a pair of sweat pants. He got up and turned around and put them on. Wow he has a nice butt. "Wait, Max was just a dog" Tom and Jay were on the ground laughing, Kiva and Marci were coughing, and Nathan was biting his lip. Which was really cute. "Boys there is no laughing at the Luna" Max said angrily "Hey but you guys laugh at my cluelessness and I'm the second highest rank Female"Kiva yelled with a glare at Max. "Kiva I know that you would never talk to me like that in a different situation, and I willing to let it pass this time but please don't do it again. We will talk later. Ok?" Max said a little more calm. " sorry Alpha" she said barring her neck. Why do they do that?


"Ok here's the thing me, the rest of the band and the girls are werewolves. I am the Alpha which makes you the Luma cause your my mate. Nathan is my Beta and Kiva is his mate which makes here your beta, Siva is my third, Marci is his mate and your third. Finally, Jay and Tom they are the omegas of the pack so don't pay attention to them. Anyway you were marked as mine you are my mate and I am your."

"Ok first, what the f@€k? Second, you all turn into dogs and third, I ain't anybodies any thing"

"We are wolves" Kiva said before breaking into laughter the rest of the girls joined, soon the guys joined. Everyone was laughing but me. I growled and they laughed harder. Soon the guys stopped and the girls didn't sound like they were going to stop anytime soon.

"Girls go for a run NOW. Nathan you must stay here I know you don't like it but I need you here." I yelled

The girls cringed and ran out of the room."Nathan is there something you wanted to say to your Luna?" "Yes sorry Luna for attacking you earlier" "you didn't attack me earlier, wait your the small wolf?" Nathan frowned while the guys and I laughed.No highly ranked male wolf wants to hear that his wolf is small, just like no guy wants to hear that his dick is small.

"So is there anything else I need to know" Jess asked "Ya, you have pack bond that allows you to speak mentally with us and you have a special mate bond with Max." A smirk grow on Jessica's what was she thinking.

Kiva and Marci's POV

We were running through the woods by the arena when we heard Jessica's voice in our head. "Hey Jess what's up?" "Hey girls nothing. So did your guys do this kind of stuff to you?" "Ya Max got the idea from our guys the only difference was they turned us." "We we have to get them back don't we?" "Luna that's a great idea what did you have in mind?" We knew that what we were doing was going to hurt the guys especially Nathan he take being apart really bad. Well I guess we have to put our plan into action.

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