Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

This can not be copied without my permission. Fav,like, and comment


4. what have I done?

(Kiva's POV)

The concert was great but I couldn't stop thinking about Nathan ever since I walked into the dressing room I feel like I can't be away from him.

The concert ended and we were walking down the hall to the dressing room when Tom walked out of the room " Hey, Jazz you want to go for a walk out side" "sure" " Kiva Nathan's in the washroom but you can wait on the couch" "ok" The two left and I went to the room. I knocked on the door, I heard a bark then a come in. I walked in and I saw a large dog standing by the couch. "Hey I didn't know you guys had a dog!" " Ya this is Nate" I walk up, and started to pet him. He leaned into my touch, but I must of hit a sensitive part because he bit me on the neck. A sharp pain ripped through me before I pasted out.

(Nathan's POV)

Kiva blacked out and fell in front of me, I picked her up and lifted her on my back " Max take her and put her on the couch, please." "Sure" Max what happened?" " You bit her in a spot were she will be marked and ........ Change" I had bit my best friend where she would be changed instead of just marked as my mate, what have I done? " Max what should I do I never meant to do this, she is already different. She and her family have powers that is why she had no friends" " Nathan chill she'll be fine she will just be in much pain and you have to be there for her" I shifted back and went to change. When I had returned Jazz was crying at Kivas side and Tom was being filled in on our situation.

(Kiva's POV) (still black out)

I was in the most beautiful field it was filled with flowers and there was a small pond. I turned in a circle to see all of the field . I stopped when I saw a woman she was gorgeous she had long silver hair and wore a white dress the went to her knees. " Hello Ryley, my name is Luna. You are here because you were bitten and are in transition." "Transition into what?" " A werewolf" " how is that possible they aren't real?" " Ryley The Wanted are werewolves and Nathan is your mate he was trying to mark you but bit in the wrong spot so you will be marked and will change" " Really, is that why he never left when I got my powers, because he was different too?" " yes" I just barely heard what she said because I was slowly waking up.

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