Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

This can not be copied without my permission. Fav,like, and comment


19. we're getting them back


I was getting worried with each day that passes Nathan grows more unstable and it we wait any longer he will go rogue. Max is slowly settling from the news that Kiva had bit Jessica. It was getting out of hand and no one knows what to do. "Everyone pack meeting NOW" Max said everyone sat on the couch "Ok everyone we need to get the girls back before Nathan goes rogue and I loss it" max said "wait speaking of Nathan where is he?" said Carla "He is in no state to attend meetings. His wolf is slowly taking over and it's leaving us clueless to wear he is." Just as he finished his sentence we heard Nathan's wolf speak. "Everyone I am in London I getting them back now. I have found there scent and I'm following it now. Come as fast as you can" Nathan you idiot Max is going to flip shit now. I watched as Max stood in silence for a couple minutes before speaking. Boy pack some stuff, I'm going to call management, then we leave for London. We nodded and ran to pack our stuff.


I listened as Kiva yelled in pain her heat is unusually strong and I felt bad for being part of the reason. Maybe I could help but first I must learn why it is so strong. It was weird though I had this strange pull towards Kiva.


"Come in." Kiva said in a small voice I walked in and she was curled up in the blankets. "Oh hey Niall" "hey Kiva I thought we could talk." She nodded. "Well do know anything that would make you heat so bad? Like being to hot, been near a flame, anything in that general area." Kiva squirmed at the word flame. "Kiva you need to tell me so I can help." "Well" I sat as she told me of her family and there power. She had an extraordinary gift and it was cause such great pain.


I sat and watched Niall as I waited for his reaction. As I watched him I realised that the pain has gone since Niall came in and two I felt a pull towards him that I only had when I first saw Nathan that fist time at the concert but it's not possible I can have two mates could I? I shrugged and cuddled into Niall as he comforted me.

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