Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

This can not be copied without my permission. Fav,like, and comment


9. She is mine

(Nathan's POV)

Kiva has come to pass with what she was, she had controlled it, the beast inside. She was going home to change but I had to stay behind to do a practice run for tonight's show. My wolf whined and whimpered for his mate the one that would love me unconventionally, the one who will love me through and through, the one that will love me till the day we die, and the one that is mine.

(Kiva's POV)

I went home to change and shower. I also went home to assure my parents and Jazz that I was safe.

I had just finished changing when the door bell rang. When I answered it on the other side of the door was Damian, my boyfriend. My wolf protested she said "Not mine, not mate" and I was shaking as I struggled to keep her tamed. "Hey babe how you doin' ?" He wrapped his arm around me. " good" I said with a hint of a growl in my voice. I knew that I needed to Break up with him fast of shit was going to go down and Damian was not on the winning side. I smelt something, something that made me want to throw up. I was the smell of cologne and decay, it was coming from Damian.

(Damian's POV)

I walked into kiva's house wanting to see her since last week I was working. When I walked in there was a strong scent of wet dog and I instantly knew the scent it was werewolf and I was coming from Kiva. Kiva must have been around a werewolf because I knew she wasn't one. I would have known if she was because I would have smelled it before.

Kiva looked a little uneasy."Damian you have a really strong and gross smelling cologne." "I'm only wearing 2 squirts that's less then you use." Ok now I was confused now, how could she smell through my scent cover up she never smelt through it before and she loved the smell. I finally had put to and to together when Kivas favourite member of he favourite band walked in. He was the werewolf I smelt on her. I bared my fangs at him and his eyes began to glow.

I lunged at him and before I got to him something hit me, it was a white flaming wolf. There was only one person that I knew that could control fire and that was Kiva. The truth hit me like a bulldozer as I aimed my rage a her. She was strong but not strong enough. I pinned her to the ground about to bite her when the other wolf came up behind me, grabbed me by the neck, turned me around and snarled in my face " she's mine"

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