Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

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18. New Alpha wolf


When Kiva sent us out I decided to listen in on the conversation. I listened as Kiva asked Jessica if she wanted to been bitten. Jess said yes and everything went silent. I walked in with Allison right behind me. I stopped when I say our luna passed out again. "What did you do?" Allison shrieked "Allison it's fine Kiva just bit her she'll be fine. She nodded.


I walked in to the office I needed to talk with Harry he is taking this feud to far. No one even remembers why there was a feud. I may not be the toughest of the group but I am the only one that hates this plan so much that will say something. "Harry we need to talk." I said sternly "what do you want Niall I have work to do." He said brushing me off. I hate when he does that I am older so when he bosses me around it pisses me off "the guys and I have been talking and we don't want to do this anymore. The rest of the band doesn't remember how this feud started and the 5SOS guys don't even know what it's about." He started shaking he is the youngest and his other form is only threatening if he bites us. My wolf was slowly surfacing. "Guys I need your help with Harry and you know what bring the girls, all of them." "Ok Nialler be right there" I have a bond with the group that allows me to talk to them without Harry knowing or hearing. 5 minutes later everyone was there but the Luna and beta. "Where are the other two?" "The Luna was not a wolf and Kiva had bit her so they are both unavailable temporarily" Liam informed me. I nodded and turned back to Harry. "I'm going to say this again, this needs to stop Harry" "it seems that you all have forgotten that we are in war" "Hazza, Niall's right this needs to stop it is interfering with the rest I our lives. It is preventing the wedding and making things worse by taking the high ranked females." Perrie said "plus the beta, Kiva is having her first heat and she is in some serious pain she needs her Mate." Allison added. Harry just smirked. "Don't you touch her you creep" Ash yelled "Oh sweet Ashton I seems that you have a crush on the beta but I hate to break it to you but she's taken." He seed deviously "Oh Harry I know that but what you don't know is that she is my younger sister and I will protect her with my life." Ash snapped back eyes glowing. His words shocked us but no one said anything cause that is when the Luna and beta walked in.


"Oh Harry I know that but what you don't know is that she is my younger sister and I will protect her with my life." Ash snapped at Harry as we walked into the office. "what?" I said "oh um well the thing is." Ashton stuttered "Ash we have things to do we'll talk about it later." He nodded turning back to Harry. He just stood there smug smirk on his face "You cocky bustard let us go." Marci yelled "Oh ladies I can't do that I have plans and for the rest of you, you have nothing against me so there for you have now power over me." He said before disappearing.


I hurt like a bitch but I was now a werewolf. I hop my Maxxie won't get made at the girls for this, cause they don't deserve it. After the battle in the office the girls were able to sneak us out and we all went for a run but we couldn't go far cause Harry had Guards everywhere. It felt good to run. My wolf was pitch white, Kiva had admired it for some time when I first shifted.

-back in The Wanted dressing room-


I was starting to worry about Nathan, with Kiva missing and almost in heat he had been fairl. He is not himself we need to find the girls or Nathan's going to go on a insane. As if on que I got a e-mail from non other then Harry Styles.

Dear Boys,

I bet your wondering where your mates are. More importantly your beta female the one who if I heard correctly is in heat. Well don't worry nothing will happen to her it turns out she has family here. It's a shame that she had to go through her first one without her mate. Oh and the Luna she's fine to she's just out for a run in her new wolf form. Oh yes you see correctly your precious mate has been turned by your betas mate. The Third is fine as well she and the other two have made many friends. Well I guess your still wondering where they are well I'll tell you they are with me and the boys in London. Happy finding but you better hurry I hear that new she-wolves are getting there heat faster and I have many unmated males that would be happy to help.

-Harry Styles

I heard a growl from behind me and it was Nathan, Harry has hit his final nerve and there is no calming him till he has Kiva in his arms. For the first time after being given the rank Alpha I broke. I was mad about Kiva biting her but I settled a little knowing she did it for her safe which I was grateful for, but I got angry again cause he was right new she wolves are getting there heat faster and I needed to be there for her.

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