Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

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22. mates & true mates


Nathan has just woke up and now everyone was buzzing with curiosity as to what happened to him. Knowing this would be one hell of a long & painful story I began. "So there is only three things that could of happened to Nathan but the last one I thing is most correct. One Nathan was poisoned. Two his wolf was being ripped out of him, and last but not least Nathan and Kiva aren't true mates and she has found hers." As soon as I finish Siva collapsed to the ground. He cried out in pain. He whimpered before passing out. Two down was I next?


Over the passed couple of weeks the girls and I uhave gotten close to our kidnappers, but each of us had gotten closer to one more then the rest. Kiva has become very close with Niall and they make such a cute pair. Marci has gotten quit close with Calum. I have been gotten friendly with Liam. Each of us knew we had a mate yet when we all went through heat, each guy was able to ease the pain to almost nothing with only there touch. It was confusing but by the looks of it we may never see the guys again but I'm starting to think that we would be just fine with it.


I don't know why last week I had went through heat. I pretty sure I recall Siva saying I would only get it once. Oh well but me having it again isn't what confused me but the fact that Liam eased the pain but he's not my mate. During my few days of heat Liam had marked me and since then we have become closer Same with Kiva and Niall. The girls and the boys exempt Harry were sitting on the couch watching a movie when I felt Liam stiffen underneath me. "Anyone else's guy just stiffen underneath you?" Kiva asked through mind link. "Yes" Jess and I said at the same time. Kiva looked up at Niall. "What's wrong, baby?" Kiva asked. Niall gave a weak smile. "There is an unknown vampire on the land and your pack is near. Kiva frowned. "I have a plan let's sleep on the boys so when the guys come in we don't have to face them right away."


Once I had eaten and had some more sleep I went to track down the guy from the blood bank. I followed the scent to the 15 floor of a housing building. Outside the door was a large group of guys with a few girls. I sniffed the air and the smell of Hazelnut and honey hit my nose I had found him. I was brought out of my daze by someone who was banging on the door and yelling.


I banged on the door and yelled for them to open up the door. After a few minutes Zayn opened the door. I pushed past him determined to find Kiva and prove Max wrong about me not being her true mate. My wolf whimpered inside my head at the sight I walked into. I growled, so did Max and Siva. There sitting on the couch was our mates cuddling and sleeping on other males. Harry walked out if his office. He was about to say something but froze when a girl walked past us and to him. The next words were unmistakeable, "mate." I smirked Harry found his mate, huh well let's see how he feels when his mate is taken from him soon after he got her. I was about to grab her when I heard the voice I had longed for, for weeks but my heart sunk at the words. "Baby, what's happening?" Kiva said with sleep in her voice. "Nothing, just go back to sleep" twat-- I mean Niall said. Kiva rubbed her eyes, yawned,and rested her head back down. She quickly shot back up. "Nathan w-what are y-you doing h-here?" She said nervous. Jessica and Marci got up and looked at at there mates with the same nervous expression. " We are here to take you back." Max yelled. The girls did not flinch at this. They were unfazed by Max's alpha tone. "Yes you may have them back we will not fight you and we can com to agreement to never interfere with the other" Harry said looking lovingly into the girls eyes. Jessica stood up walked up to Max, I watched as Liam frowned. "No" she said Liam smiled as she walked back and sat on his lap. I watched as Marci did the same. Kiva did it two but she had more words to say " No Nathan, you can't do that I now see that you aren't my mate, you aren't even the same guy I knew from my child hood you are to possessive that you can't even keep calm while trying to find me. You knew I was going to go through heat, plus you didn't tell me that I was going to go through excruciating pain. If all of you had stairs calm exempt the other group who I don't know, sorry you would have found us sooner and we wouldn't have all went through our heats with out the support of our mates. Luckily our true mates happened to be here to help us through it." She said with so much authority. At her words I snapped I went on a rouge rampage. I saw red and only red as I attack anything in my sight.


We all watched as Max, Nathan and Siva went on a rampage. Three guys from the group who I didn't know went and grabbed each of them putting wolfs bane necklaces on them. The guys yelled in pain before blacking out. The group turned to us. "Let us formally introduce ourselves then we will discuss what to do with them(we nodded). My name is George and this is my mate Kirsten, the one that took care of Siva was Jj and his mate is Carla, the one who got Nathan is Josh and pretty boy over there is Jaymi. We are a pack of hybrids exempt the girls Kirsten is a Vampire and Carla is a wolf." We shook everyone's hand and sat done to discuss the punishment if the guys and there actions towards the situation.

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