Battle of the boy bands

Kiva won tickets to see an old friend that was in the band The Wanted. She finds a secret but is ok with it but when her and her two new friends get kidnapped by some rival bands what will happen?

There will soon be a sequel but it will be on watt pad the reasoning being in my description

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13. all in all

Max's POV

I had mind linked Kiva to grab Marci and to take Jessica to the Stage area so the guys and I could talk about the situation. When she said that they had arrived I began to speak.

"Guys she doesn't know but I am sadly going to pull a you two (pointing to Nathan and Siva) and bite her after the show tonight but I really don't know how she's going to take it. But on a different note; Siva and Nathan have you made your choice. They both nodded "Yes Alpha we have made the choice to go through the ceremony." Nathan said "Ok well we will do this next week,alright boys?" They nodded. I watched Nathan as he was fidgeting, I realized that since Nathan and Kiva got together they have never been apart for a long period of time they were always together till she went home that is and since then not having her close by him made him antsy. "Nathan why don't you go get the girls!" Nathan moved so fast that he was gone before the first word left my mouth. I could tell that he love Kiva more then anyone else in the world.

Nathan's POV

When I heard in Maxes mind that he wanted me to get the girls I bolted out of the room. When I got to the stage the girls were laughing. I walked over to Kiva and gave her a long passionate kiss. " EEEEWWWW get a room" Jessica said. Kiva and I smiled, still kissing then he both broke apart breathless. " Ok ladies let's head back to the dressing room the mated men need to talk to there mates that includes you Jessica.

When we got to the dressing room Siva kissed Marci and told us that they were going on a picnic before the show. They showed me and Kiva their throats and left. "Well I may never get used to that" Kiva said through the mind link. " what should we do now?"I asked her. She looked at me with an evil grin before she told me her idea. Her idea was to dress up as someone else and try to fool some fans. I agreed and got Tom and Jay in on it since Max was gone with Jessica and they were just sitting there playing video games. When we got to the make up room Kiva came up with the idea of me dressed up as an unhappy boyfriend force to come to the concert with his girlfriend which would be Kiva.

Kiva's POV

We had spent a half hour getting Nathan ready and 20 minute fooling fans. Nathan had scared the backstage girl away, flirted with a girl and made a girl yell at him. It was funny. The girls and I were sitting watching the boys get ready when two stylists walked up to Marci and I, telling us that we needed a hair, make up and wardrobe change. We told them that we weren't going on stage so we didn't need this but they told us to shut up and get dressed.

The boys had sang 3 songs when they came backstage and grabbed me and Marci. When we stopped Nathan yelled in to the microphone "ladies and gentleman Siva and I would like to introduce our beautiful mates Marci and Kiva. They are the stealers of our hearts and we would like you to give them a warm welcome." The crowd roar with clapping and screaming. Right after that Nathan and Siva began to sing "lightning" to us by the end Marci and I were in tears and I'm pretty sure most of the crowd was crying too. We hugged the boys and walked off stage still crying. At the end of the show Nathan had his brown hair falling into his left eye and the blue-green eye I saw was sparkling. When he was close enough I kissed him a long, deep , passionate kiss saying thank you. We broke apart breathless for the second or third time that day. "Well it's time for hell to break loose." I stated plainly

Max's POV

It was time for me to bite Jessica and I was nervous as hell. How had did Nathan and Siva do this so easily? I shifted into my wolf form hiding in a closet till i caught Jessica's scent. The smell of vanilla and lilacs hit my nose and I know that see was coming. I walked out of the closet and walked up to her. She began to speak to me "hey big guy were you come from? Hey you have the same colour of eyes as Max he is the guy that I have strong feelings for." At her words I looked at her face. I know that she was going to hate me for this but I must do it. I turned away hoping to resist but Nathan came in his wolf form. "Alpha I thought you might need some help cause I know that you love her to much to bite her but you need to do this. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to attack her and when I get on top of her you bite me then do it again." " this is why your my beta your always there to help,I want to say sorry for biting you even though it was your idea." I watched as Nathan pounced onto Jessica he was about to bite her but as the plan said I pounced onto him biting him he whimpered, but he tried to attack again and I was about to bite him again and he dodged it resulting in me biting Jessica. I wasn't expecting Nathan to dodge it but what ever crazy plan he had up in his head worked She screamed then she passed out. I lifted her onto my back and carried her to the private room were she could rest while we talked with the backstage pass winner.

Kivas POV

We sat in the dressing room waiting for Nathan and Max to come back. They walked in, still in wolf form. Nathan came in all bloody I ran over to him and we walked to his change room to clean him up and change into some clothes. "Nathan what the fuck happened?" "Nothing just me and my crazy plan to help Max bite Jess." I nodded and began to wipe of the blood then he got dressed and we exited the room. When we got into the room the winner was sitting on the couch. "So let me guess you two were the crazy couple from before the show?" Nathan and I smile and nodded. " sorry where are my manners my name is Gracy and of course I know who you all are and I must say ladies you guys are lucky I've never had a guys sing to me before let alone in front of millions of people."

We talked to Gracy. Well listened to Gracy for a couple of Hours before she left and we all sighed. Max had gone to get Jessica so we could watch and wait for her to wake up.

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