The Truth Within (Sequel To Delusional)

The truth about you and if Harry is real or not will be revealed after months of your therapy and months of staying in a mental hospital. Not to mention your suicide attempt... (Link to Delusional is on my profile)


6. Starry Eyed Surprise

*Harry's POV*


As I saw her hair leave out the door and run by the window I sighed and looked at her half ate cupcake and her half drank coffee. I leaned on the table and stared at it. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I stood up looking over to see Barbara. She squeezed my shoulder gently and she nodded once. I sighed and grabbed my sunglasses on the table and put them over my eyes as I made my way to the door. I grabbed the door handle and looked back at her once. I then opened the door, and leaving with a small sigh.


I put my hands in my pockets and started to walk. I was looking down at my feet as I walked down the sidewalk. I kicked rocks and then ran into someone. I pulled my hands out of my pockets putting them up like in a surrender kind of way. I then look up at the person, "I'm so sorry," it was a male about 6'2" and muscular.


"It's alright little man," He gave me a noogy


I just walked passed him and fixed my hair. I stuck my hands on my front pockets again. Was it something I said?




As you left the bakery you decided to head home and call your dad. When you walked into your flat you pulled out your phone and put the tea cups in the sink and put your phone on speaker. You dialed your dad's number and waited for him to answer. There was 5 rings and he picked up.


"Hey sweetheart."


"He's back."


"Who's back?"


"Harry... That guy that I thought was real, but wasn't."


Your dad hesitated, "W-What how is that possible?"


"I don't know. But he's bloody real 100%. But he's a bit different than I remember."


You dad laughs, "Honey, I think you need to go back to that mental hospital. I told you he's not real."


You clutched the washrag in your hand, "He is real, father. And I'm going to prove it to you," You hung up the phone and you hope that Harry would be here soon.


You felt your eyes water and you let them fall down your face. You banged your fist on the counter and grabbed your phone throwing it across the room. You turned off the water and dried your hands, "Calm down, Rosetta. Deep breaths." you took deep breaths and hurried to the bathroom and started to get a bath. You couldn't believe this. Your father is being a dick again. You're so glad that you aren't there anymore because you would've punched him so hard from how angry you were.


You found bubbles and soap on the sink and you went to your suitcase and got your shampoo out. You put it there and you looked around for some candles. You found some in the dresser. You pulled them out. Wow, your dad really had everything in here for you already. You went back to the bathroom and added bubbles to it and lit some candles. You stripped down and climbed in instantly relaxing. You closed your eyes.


Harry couldn't find you anywhere so he just decided to head home. When he arrived home he looked right at your door and it was wide open. He walked in to make sure you were safe. He started to shout your name.


"Rosetta!? Rosetta?!" Harry took off his sunglasses and hung them on his shirt


You woke up from the sound of someone yelling you groaned and listened some more it was Harry. You decided to keep quiet to see what he would do. You heard footsteps on your stairs and him yelling your name once more.


"Rosetta?" he said more quietly when he saw the bathroom door closed and the light on. He started to walk over and grabbed the door handle and it was unlocked he walked in and saw you in the tub with your eyes closed. He walked over and knelled down, "Rose?" he whispered.


You opened your eyes and covered yourself a little more with bubbles even though you were already covered, "H-Harry what are you doing here and why are you in my bathroom?"


"I just wanted to make sure you're safe. Why didn't you answer me?"


"I probably fell asleep," you sat up a little and using your arms to cover your breasts


Harry sighed nodding, "Don't scare me like that again, please."


You bit your lip looking away, "Okay, fine." Harry blew out the candles and held it up to you so you can get out. You blushed a little, "I'm not going to get out with you in here."


"Come on, love out," Harry says to you chuckling, "I won't look," he closed his eyes looking away, "Just get out please. I don't want you to look like a prune."


You giggled and stood up throwing your arms around his neck and Harry wrapped the towel around you and picked you up out of the tub opening his eyes and taking you to your bedroom and lays you on the bed, "Now, that wasn't so bad was it?" he asked kissing your forehead.


You giggled, "No."


Harry smiles, "Now, I'm going to go to the kitchen so you can put on some clothes and I'll make some food, alright? You may have to tell me where some things are."


You nod and Harry nods back and heads back down the stairs to the kitchen. You smiled and laid there for a minute thinking about what just happened. It made you smile. Just like how it used to be. You got up still holding the towel and you got in your suitcase and started to look for pajamas. You got some pajamas and dropped your towel. You looked at yourself in the mirror and sighed. You hated your body, You had scars running up and down your hip and thighs from when you cut yourself in that horrible place. You turned to the side and looked at your waist and there was a large scar running down it. You traced your fingers down it and let a few tears fall remembering exactly what happened with that one. Him...


You put on your bra and underwear and slipped on a cute panda sweater  and put on your PINK brad sweatpants. You grabbed a hair tie and put your hair into a messy bun. You messed it up a little bit to make it look more natural. You sighed and headed downstairs with your arms crossed. You walked into the kitchen and noticed that Harry found everything alright. That's pretty weird.


"I'm making pasta if that's alright with you," Harry said turning to you to look at you. You nodded and Harry just stared at you in admiration for a few moments. You blushed and made your way over to the bar sort of thing and sat on the stool Harry turned back to the food.


*Harry's POV*


When I heard Rose's footsteps I smiled a little bit and I heard her bare feet touch the hardwood floor.


"I'm making pasta if that's alright with you," I turned to her and I smiled seeing her messy bun at the top of her head . I saw her panda oversized sweater and her sweatpants from Victoria Secret. She looked beautiful if I do say so myself. I saw her blush and she walked over to the bare and sat on the stool. I turned back to the food and dished up her pasta. I set the plate in front of her and put a fork on it. I was in a daze.


"You look beautiful," I said to her smiling and leaning on the counter a little bit. I turned back to the food and dished up my plate and leaned on the counter in front of her, "What would you like to drink?"


"Just orange juice will be okay."


I nodded and got two cups out of the cupboard and got in her fridge getting out the orange juice. I shook it up a little and poured two cups full of orange juice. I put a cup beside her and she was already digging in. I chuckled a little bit and walked over setting my cup down and began to eat smiling. At least she's not upset anymore....




After dinner we decided to plat twenty questions, "What's your favorite animal?"


"Bengal tiger. What's your favorite time of day?"


"Night time definitely," I thought for a moment, "Why did you run off earlier?"

I saw her bit my lip and this just completely changed everything. I waited for her answer and I saw her stand up and turned away. I stood up, "Sweetheart, don't do this again," I said putting my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off.


"Why do you want to know so badly, Harry?" she asked me turning to me. She looked at me with sad eyes.


I sighed. Truth was that I didn't know why I wanted to know so badly, "I-" I started and looked down, "I really don't know..."


She sighed and turned around to me uncrossing her arms and having me sit on her couch again. She sat beside me and lifted my chin  up so I was looking into her eyes. She caressed my left cheek with her thumb staring into my eyes. I bit my lip and I took her right hand in my hands and took it off my cheek kissing her knuckles, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get into your business," I said to her caressing her knuckles staring into her eyes now.


She looked down at our hands and then looked back up at me nodding, "It's okay."


"Are you sure?"


She nodded licking her lower lip, "I'm sure, Harry."


I nodded and leaned over to her kissing your cheek and pulled away looking into her eyes again. She smiled softly and I let go of her hands and brought her into my chest sitting back and holding her close. I felt her nuzzle my chest and close her eyes. Her hand was now on my chest and I rubbed her back smiling a little. I just listened to our breathing. They were exactly the same.




You listened to Harry's heartbeat and it was like you two were one together. Harry rubbing your back made everything more perfect and relaxing. It was quiet a good kind of quiet. It made you feel at peace. Like nothing could ruin this moment ever.


"Harry?" You mumbled into his chest.




"My dad made me really angry earlier is why I was in the tub." You looked up at him.


He looked back down at you, "How did he make you angry?"


You bit your lip and look a breath looking down and playing with his shirt, "You know how I said that I went to a mental hospital?" He nodded, "Well, the reason I went was because that I was imagining that a boy was real. I was in love. He was my first kiss. My first everything. I had to talk to the therapist and she told my parents at one point that I needed to be sent to a mental hospital because I was in love with something that wasn't real..." he nodded understanding. You stood up and faced away from him again, "And another weird thing is. It was you that I was in love with. Like your looks, personality, everything. But everything about this you is a tad, bit different other than looks and personality. Like your voice, your laugh, how tall you are and not to mention your hands. You may think I'm crazy like my parents did, but it's true. It's all true. So I called my dad and told him about you and he didn't believe me. He thought I was just imagining it again."


Harry stood up and walked over to you wrapping his arms around your waist, "I have a few friends that this has happened to them before. You may be able to see the future..."

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