The Truth Within (Sequel To Delusional)

The truth about you and if Harry is real or not will be revealed after months of your therapy and months of staying in a mental hospital. Not to mention your suicide attempt... (Link to Delusional is on my profile)


2. Life's A Highway

As I laid there in that hospital bed I began to think about life and what my real mother told me before she passed away.




I was beside my mom on her death bed, "Sweetheart, keep smiling life will get tired of upsetting you. Close your eyes," I closed my eyes, "think about the reason why you held on so long," I thought about it. It was for my family, "Open your eyes now," I did what was told looking at my mother, "Keep them open and just see that life is beautiful. Never give up, but keep trying. Never cry, but put on your best smile. Never scream, but laugh with joy. Never hide because someone out there is looking for you," I nodded as I continued to listen, "No one makes a lock without the key. That's why God won't give you problems without solutions," her voice just kept getting weaker with every passing sentence, "Just make me a promise?" I nodded with tears running down my cheeks, "Live your life. Move on and have fun because life goes faster than you think. Don't forget me or our memories. I love you and behave for daddy," I nodded and her hand lost the grip on my hand. I cried harder as I still held her limp hand in my hands. Dad walked in and put his hand on my back...



I felt the tears fall down my face. I tightened the grip on the blanket around me as I cried. I looked at the table beside me. I saw my mother's necklace there. I picked it up and looked at it with tears still burning in my eyes. I just thought about the happy things as I put the necklace on my neck and looked back on the table. I saw an envelope on the table. I picked it up and opened it. I then saw a ticket to London, England. I gasped. I grabbed the other paper I saw in the envelope and pulled it out I started to read it;  'Hey honey. This is from your mother and I. This is our sorry to you. You have a 2 bed loft apartment waiting. We've already packed your bags and they'll be at the airport tomorrow before you get on your flight tomorrow morning. We love you and keep in touch. Much Love, Daddy and Tina xoxo P. S. Your mother before she died wanted you to give this to you as soon as your ready for it' I then began to let happy tears fall down my face. I'm going to be living in London. I've always wanted to go there.


The next morning they let me leave so I could catch my flight to London. I could hardly contain my excitement. I couldn't believe that my step mother would help my dad for this trip. Even though I can't stand her sometimes. When she's nice it's always something so extreme. As I got in a taxi to head to the airport  was greeted by a friendly face. It was Sabrina's brother, Jeffery. I was surprised to see him. I knew he was a taxi driver but I didn't expect to get into his taxi. This day just keeps getting better and better.


He turned to me and smiled widely, "Rosetta! What a present surprise!" he said all chipper.


I laughed, "Hey Jeffery!"

"How are you!? I haven't seen you in a long time!" he says turning forward and started to the airport. Yes it has. It's been 2 years since I've last seen him. He hasn't changed much. I have, but he still seemed to recognize me.


"Totally! I'm okay I guess," I shrugged.


"I should've guessed. You just ran out of the hospital with tears in your eyes. I hope you're okay and not to mention your dad and the step monster," he said step monster in a disgusted tone. He acted like he cared, but I knew he didn't care.


"Well, they're okay. Me on the other hand," I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck.


He looked in the review mirror, "What happened?" he asked not taking his eyes off the road.


I sighed, "I-I really don't want to talk about it."

He just nodded understanding, "It's alright. You don't have to tell me. I was just being curious."


I nodded grateful he didn't ask farther questions. He wasn't the curious type. If he didn't have a girlfriend I would date him myself. He treats his woman right, "Are you still dating, Hannah?"


He nods, "Of course I am."


I giggled, "Okay, just wondering."


He shakes his head and continues to drive. He's been dating her for 3 years. I'm just wondering when he's going to propose to her. She's a great girl and he's a great guy. They're meant for each other. We sat in silence for a few minutes and then he spoke up.


"So, why are you headed to the airport? You don't have bags, so you can't be going on a trip. I'm sure you aren't meeting someone there."


"I actually am going on a trip. Dad said he's dropping off my bags. I'm moving to London."


His mouth formed an 'O' shape in the review mirror, "Oh."


I nodded, "Yup."


"London is such a great place to live. I went there before for a vacation with Hannah and we had so much fun. All the people with their accents and how polite they were. Such a great country."


"Except it rains all the time."


He laughed nodding, "True! But it's a nice place other than all the rain and how cold it can get. So, why did they choose that place and why did they let you move out. It's really different."


"My dad knew that I always wanted to go to London to visit or live and I'm not really sure why they're letting me move out."


He shrugged, "It's a bit strange if you ask me."


I nodded, "Yeah, it is a little bit. Especially how its so sudden. My dad isn't like that."


"True, very true. Maybe they understand that you're old enough and responsible enough to live on your own."


I tapped my nose, "That could be true too," I shrugged, "Oh well. It's a new life, a new leaf." He nodded and pulled up quickly. I paid him with the money that was in the envelope, "Thanks Jeff. I'll keep in touch," I said putting my hand on his shoulder.


He nodded, "Call me when you get there, so I know you're okay."


I nodded climbing out, "I will," I kissed his cheek and back away from the car. I started walking in and he stayed there and a horn honked. He waves and leave quickly.


I got into the airport and looked around. My flight leaves in 20 minutes. That should be enough time to get my bags and get through the line. Especially since it's not that busy. Which I was glad because I'm claustrophobic. I saw my dad walk in with two suitcases. I ran over to my dad and hugged him tightly, "Thank you so much daddy."


He laughed hugging back and kissed my head, "Anything for my little girl," he dropped his arms and said, handing me my bags "Now, here's your bags and stay in contact."


I nodded with tears in my eyes, "I will."


He smiled softly and kissed my forehead, "Now, go before you miss your flight."


I nodded and hugged him one last time. It was a really tight hug and I pulled away and hurried to get my bags checked and go through security...

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