The Truth Within (Sequel To Delusional)

The truth about you and if Harry is real or not will be revealed after months of your therapy and months of staying in a mental hospital. Not to mention your suicide attempt... (Link to Delusional is on my profile)


3. I Can See Clearly now

I started to think about happy things and listening to some positive songs including Walking On Sunshine by Katrina And The Waves, I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff, and Footloose by Kenny Loggins. Some of the oldies. Don't judge, they're classics, I was thinking about going to a dancing studio when I get there and practice dancing. I think it would be a great experience and something to help with my stress.


I looked at my ticket after they took my bags and put them on the plane. I just smiled thanking them and as I boarded the plane. I was so excited and happy I get to be on my own now. I just have to call and check it. I'll probably call twice a week because there's so much to do in London. I have to find my apartment, I have to find a job, I have to get to know the area, and unpack my bags. There's so much to be done. After everything settles down I'll call every other day. I'm a 20 year old woman. I have big plans.


I went to the bathroom. I then found my seat, buckled up and I was glad it was a window seat because I'll be sleeping the whole time which is 7 to 8 hours depending on the winds and rain. I'm from New York, so yeah. I grabbed my blanket from my carry on and covered up with it. I turned my phone on airplane mode, leaned my seat back, and waited for the plane to take off. Within 20 minutes the pilot made the announcements rapping and it was cool. I smiled and looked out the window as the plane took off on the runway. I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. I smiled widely and continued to look out the window as we took off.


I haven't been on a plane before, so I have no idea if I'm going to get sick or what. I sure as well hope not. I can see clearly now all my worries and complaints fade away into the clouds and melted by the hot sun. It felt amazing to be free finally. I put my earphones in and started to fall asleep listening to some calm and soothing music.




 I woke up to feeling sick in my stomach. I got up and scurried to the bathroom. Good thing there's no one beside me. I through up in the toilet and  held my stomach. I stopped and looked up and looked in the mirror. I turned on the mini sink and took some water in my mouth. I spit it out. It got rid of the flavor a little bit. I got in my pocket and popped a mint in my mouth. I put my hair in a messy bun and left the bathroom heading back to my seat I got on my phone and played games the rest of the flight to London, which was 2 hours.


I smiled when the light showed up to put on our seatbelts. I got sick 5 times in the last 2 hours. I did what was told and looked out the window. I felt the bumps and smiled widely. I looked around and saw the sign of Welcome To Hearthrow Airport. With London, England after words. I took a breath and got up putting my blanket it my bag again. I was on British Airways which I would say is one of the best airplane company in the UK. That's what I heard any way.


I looked at my phone at how cold it was. I noticed it was in the 60s. I put on my purple sweatshirt and got off the plane and took in the new fresh air. It as amazing. I'm glad I wore skinny jeans that were comfortable. I smiled and got my bags and looked around at the somewhat cloudy sky. I smiled and turned off the airplane mode on my phone and headed into the airport.


I looked around, "Wow!" It's a huge airport. I got my bags checked and went through security. Then I called my dad to tell him that I made it safely. I just hope that my phone will work. I called and I heard it ring. I smiled widely as it rang.


Within a few rings I heard his voice on the other line, "Hello?" he yawns.


I then remembered the time difference, "Hi daddy. I'm sorry to wake you, but it's Rosetta. I've arrived in London. I just wanted to call to let you know."


"I'm glad you made it safely," He didn't sound so asleep anymore.


"I know it's 3 AM there in New York, but it's 8:00 AM here and I'm tired. Is everything at the apartment and where is it at?"


"Hold on sweetheart," I heard my dad.


I yawned, "Okay," I wanted to get home and sleep. Jetlag got to me.


"Okay sweetheart the address is..." My dad told me the address


"Thanks dad. I will call you tomorrow here," I laughed.


I heard him laugh, "Okay, honey and yes there's already stuff in the apartment or flat as British people would call it. I'll talk to you some other time. You're 5 hours ahead right?"


I nodded, "Yes."


"Okay, just call when you have free time and not too late here."


"I will. Bye dad. I love you."


"I love you too," He yawns, "Bye!"


"Bye," I hung up and smiled to myself.


I headed out of the airport with my bags and looked in my backpack. I opened it and saw everything including another two envelopes. I grabbed one opening it. It was a bunch of money. More like pounds British currencty. I smiled and then in the other there was a ticket. I took it out and looked at it. It was a red bus ticket. I smiled. Awesome! I caught a red bus and paid with the money dad left me in the envelope. This was so exciting.


I got on and went up on the upper level 105 miles to go which if you're going at an average of 60 mph we'll be there in about 1 and a half hours if we don't stop which probably won't happen so probably 2 hours. The driver started driving. I was not used to driving on the left side. It was kind of scary, but I trusted this nice man. That asked if I was having a nice morning and of course I would be having a GREAT morning.


In about an hour we stopped at a rest stop and found out where we were. Just another 30 minutes or an hour before we're there. I went to the bathroom and got myself a coffee, but everyone else got tea. I shrugged. I like tea, but I wasn't really in the mood for it.


I smiled and got back onto the red bus and we were off once again. In about 40 minutes the bus came to a stop and the people thanked the driver along with me.


"Young, lady. May I ask your name?" the older male driver stopped me.


I faced him, "I'm Rosetta, but you can call me Rose."


He gave a warm smile, "What a beautiful name. You're not from around here are you?"


I shook my head, "I came from New York and I'm moving here to the UK."


"You'll love it here. if you ever have any questions. Don't be afraid to ask anyone here. It's a small town, Chesire, but everyone here is as polite as can be. This is only one of my jobs. I work in the coffee/tea shop down the road from here in the evening. My name's Lance."


I smiled nodding every now a then, "Thanks Lance. I'll see you around," I shook his hand and began to exit the bus.


"And oh Rosetta?"


I faced him again, "Yes?"


"You look nice. I'm sure there will be some lads here that would love to meet you."


I smiled, "Thank you."


He nodded, "See you around, dear."


I nodded and he took off driving. He was a nice old man. I looked around at all the buildings. He's right. It's a small town, but decent sized buildings. I remembered the address and looked around. I started walking down the street. It was such a beautiful place. I was going to love it here. I then found the apartment  building I was going to be living in. I walked up to the entrance and walked in hearing the bell. A woman looked up from the counter with a bright smile. She had red hair and blue eyes.


"Hello hun. You must be Rosetta Stone. I've been expecting you," I heard her British accent ring.


I walked over, "Yes, that's me."


"Your father told me about you. You sound like an amazing girl. Right this way. I'll show you to your flat."


I nodded grabbing my bags, but another young female with bright blue eyes and brown hair smiled, "May I take you bags Miss. Stone?"


I nodded, "Thank you honey."


She took my bags and we got onto the elevator and the woman with red hair had a key in her hand. We walked in and there was an older African American male standing in the elevator


"Hello Darius. Second floor," the woman with red hair says.


He nodded and pressed the second floor button. I was getting so excited now. This was a new start, with new people and no worries. This is going to get better now. I can tell it right now. When we got to the second floor the two women headed down the hall and showed me a door.


"This is your flat. I hope you enjoy living here and I'm sure you'll be getting some visitors soon."


I nodded and she opened the door for me when I stepped it I thought it was amazing (pic is the flat).


I gasped, "Wow!" she handed me the key and the other woman with brown hair walked in with my bags, "Its amazing. Thank you."


They both shook their heads, "Thank your dad. He's the one that bought it for you."


I nodded, "I will."


They nodded and left the room closing the door behind me. I grabbed my bags and turned the corner. I saw the stairs and took my bag up the stairs and I saw the bed and my bathroom. They were great and perfect. I then headed back down the stairs and opened one of the doors. it led to another bedroom, but it was nice too. Then I looked in the other and it was a closet. I smiled. It's perfect.


I went in the ktichen and opened the fridge. I smiled when it was full of food. I got into the cabients and it was was full of dishes and ingredients. I smiled and got sugar and tea bags. I turned on the hot water from the sink I put my tea bag in my cup and filled my cup with hot water. I put the two spoonfuls of sugar in the tea and took a sip. I smiled widely, "This is amazing." I then heard a knock at the door I walked over and looked through the peep whole and you would not believe what I see through that hole...

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