The Truth Within (Sequel To Delusional)

The truth about you and if Harry is real or not will be revealed after months of your therapy and months of staying in a mental hospital. Not to mention your suicide attempt... (Link to Delusional is on my profile)


4. Friendly Faces

I gasped and opened the door. There was Harry Edward Styles standing there in a faded blue and plaid shirt unbuttoned, plain grey t-shirt with a pocket, a bracelet on his right hand, a silver watch on his left, a necklace I cannot see because it's tucked in his grey shirt, black skinny jeans, and some white converse. Not to mention sunglasses (picture) My love, I just hope I'm not imagining it.


"Hi!" I said smiling and more chipper like.


He smiled his gentle smile and walked in after I invited him, "You must be Rose. I'm Harry. Harry Styles. Your neighbor," he held out his hand to mine after taking his sunglasses off.


"Yes, that's my name," I say putting my hand in his and he kissed the top of it. His lips felt different than how I remembered.


He looked up at me with his sparkling emerald green eyes they were even shiner than how I remembered them, "You have a beautiful name, sweetheart."


I blushed nodding and he dropped my hand smiling. He looked around, "Wow, it's just about as nice as mine."


I laughed, "I wouldn't know because I haven't been in yours before."


He laughs. It was a bit different than how I remembered it too. Same with his voice and how tall he is. Everything else is pretty much the same.


"Would you like some tea?" I asked sweetly .


He turned to me, "Sure, I would love some."


I nodded and scurried to the kitchen and started to quickly make it. I just hope he's real this time. I heard footsteps and they came to a stop in assume is the door way.


"May I proceed farther?" He asked really gentleman like


I nodded turning to him, "Of course. I invited you in didn't I?" I laughed


He nodded chuckling, "True."


He took a few steps in farther and he was only a few feet away from me. I got shy and finished making his tea. I turned to him and his arms were crossed.


I smiled shyly and held it out to him, "Here you go."


He smiled taking it from my hands, "Thanks, love."


I nodded and looked down at my hands shyly, "You're welcome."


He chuckled, "You're cute," He winked and took a sip


I blushed and got my tea leaning against the island in the middle of the small kitchen. He did the same and he was only a foot away from me now.


"So tell me about yourself," he suggests putting his right hand on top of mine.


I looked at him and started talking, "Well, I'm an only child. I love the color purple. My mother passed away 3 years ago. When she passed away. I was alone. Yeah, I had my dad, but he didn't like me too well. Then after a few months my father and I became really close," I chuckled smiling, "I became a daddy's girl. Everything was going fine until he proposed to my step-mother. He was cheating on my mother for a few years. I didn't know until he proposed to her. Everything went downhill from there. I went into 3 years of depression. My dad and step-mother got me a therapist and I talked to her every Friday for 7 months and then they sent to me to a mental hospital because I was having issues with my brain. Let's just say I had Delusional Erotomanic Disorder. It's a disorder when you believe that another person, often someone important or famous, is in love with him or her. The person might attempt to contact the object of the delusion or stalk them. Which also means that I didn't know the difference between reality and what wasn't real."


I can't believe I opened up that quickly to a complete stranger. Well, he's not a complete stranger, but I'm not going to tell him that. He'll think I'm crazy and I'll be sent back to that horrible place. I didn't want that to happen again.


Harry was staring into my eyes the whole time which showed he was paying attention. Every now and then he gave a reassuring squeeze to my hand.


I smiled at him softly, "I'm sorry. My life is everything but ordinary."


He shakes his head and stood up tall holding his arms out to me, "Come here. You need a hug," he says smiling cheeky-like. I giggled and walked into his arms as he squeeze me tightly, but not too tightly, "Now, you listen to me Rosetta. There's people that's been through worse than that. Be grateful you remember those memories so clearly because you learn from those things and you become a stronger person," he let's go of me and looks into my eyes putting his hands on my face.


I nodded, "Okay."


He nodded, "Now, how about I show you around town?"


I smiled nodding, "Sure, I would like that. I need some fresh air any way."


Harry laughs a little and bowed slightly, "My lady?"


I giggled and curtsied. He stood up tall and held his arm out to me. I linked arms with him and he guided me out the door. Good thing I had my keys or else I'll be locked out. We walked down the hall towards the elevator. It opened and I saw it was completely full.


I got out of his grip taking a step back. He looked at me, "What's the matter?"


I sighed, "I'm not going in there."


"Why not?" Harry held out his hands towards me.


"I'm claustrophobic and I won't be able to breath in there."


Harry laughed a little, "That's ridiculous," he teasedI gave him a glare. He put his hands up in surrender "Okay.  I'm sorry. I was only kidding. How about we take the stairs then?"


I nodded and he linked his arms with mine heading to the stairs. He let me walk in the door first because of the 'ladies first' rule. He was right behind me. He took my hand and zoomed down the stairs.


I laughed trying to keep up, "Slow down, Harry."


He just kept running ignoring my words. I shook my head. We arrived in the lobby and we just ran out the door. After we both were wore out we just walked not touching hands any longer. It was silent the good kind of silent. I was once again with my Harry. Harry guided me down the street and opened the door to a little bakery for me.


I smiled, "Why thank you kind sir!"


"You're most welcome, ma'am," he laughed walking in behind me.


"Wow, what a nice bakery." I said and walked up to the cashier and rang the bell.


I felt Harry walk up behind me and he put his hand on the counter as he took a glance at me. I blushed shyly and looked down at the ground. I saw his hand in the corner of my eyes. He lifted it up off the counter and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. That caused me to blush more. He chuckled, "Cutie," he whisperss in my ear and I get chills. He rang the bell several more times in a row


"Okay, okay! I'm coming!" i heard an older woman shout.


When she walked in Harry yelled, "Barbara!" he walked behind the counter and hugged her tightly around her neck. He pulled away, "You pinched my bum on the side there," he smiled his dimple filled smile.


Then she answered, "Yes I did," I just laughed. She seemed to hear me and she turned my way, "And who is this young lady?"


Harry guided her over to me, "This is Rosetta, but she likes to be called Rose."


She smiled and took my hand in her wrinkled hands, "I'm Barbara dear!"


I smiled and looked at her, "Nice to meet you."


"You too, dear!'


"She's new here in town and probably needs a job," Harry says smiling.


"Oh really?" Barbara asked him smiling letting go of my hand and turning to him. I nodded as she turned to me, "We have an opening. Can you start tomorrow?"


"No résumé or interview?" I asked.


She shook her head, "Not at all, but I do need to ask you. Do you have any experience with baking and running the cash register?"


I nodded, "Sure, do. I worked in a bakery with my mother when I was younger and when I worked at Starbucks I worked the cash register all the time."


"Great, will tomorrow be, okay?" She asked.


"Actually I still need to unpack, but I'll try to work it in somewhere."


She nodded, "Great. Harry why don't you show her around?!


"Will do!" he says taking my hand and leading me to the back of the bakery, "I didn't know that you baked."


I laughed, "Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me," I winked


He laughs and just continues to guide me to the back

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