The Truth Within (Sequel To Delusional)

The truth about you and if Harry is real or not will be revealed after months of your therapy and months of staying in a mental hospital. Not to mention your suicide attempt... (Link to Delusional is on my profile)


1. Brutal Awakening

I saw a flash of bright light shortly after that as I heard voices and sirens ring in my ears. I was completely out of it and everything was extremely blurry. All I saw was colorful blobs. I groaned and I felt myself get lifted out of the bathtub. I couldn't function I could hardly breath and then I knew my attempt to kill myself has failed. 


Next thing I knew I woke up in a hospital bed. It was really bright and loud from all the people rushing around the room and making sure I stay alive. I fought them back. Some nurses pinned me down and they said to remain calm. You expect me to remain calm when I want to die?! What the hell are they thinking?! I squirmed still trying to get out of the nurses grip. There was four of them. One nurse was tall with naturally red hair and green eyes. Another was pure bleach blonde with gobs of makeup on and blue eyes. The third was much shorter and she had red hair like the last girl, but had blue eyes. The very last girl is what stuck out to me the most. She had grey hair and Amber eyes probably wearing contacts because last time I checked there's only one person that has ever had Amber eyes naturally and I can't remember her name exactly.


Next thing I heard was the heart monitors starting to make lots of beeping noises and I felt as if I was dying. my breathing quickened and I took one last breath and then blackness and I heard nothing and felt nothing after that.


I then felt shocks go through me, but I couldn't open my eyes. I felt it again and the heart monitor started back up again and I forced myself to open my eyes. I took deep, deep breaths and coughed. I just gave up trying to die. They're not going to stop trying to keep me alive. They gave me some water and I refused to take it. "I'm fine," I simply stated.


They forced it down my throat and I coughed hard unable to breath. They gave me an inhaler. I took a few pumps and just laid there in just the hospital gown. The next thing I knew my step-mom and biological dad walked in, "You called my parents?!" 


The nurses nodded, "Yes, we did. It's our criteria for us to call the parents or guardian of the patient."


I was really mad now. I laid down and covered up with the blanket covering myself up. I was still pissed at them for leaving me in that hell hole they called 'safe'. I felt someone touch my shoulder, I recognized it. It was my dad's hand I moved it off my shoulder forcefully not saying a word. I heard him sigh, "Keira, talk to me," I still refused to say anything to my father. I'm never going to forgive him for lying to me and leaving me in that hell hole.


I could tell he frowned. I just remained laying in that bed and let my eyes water. I wanted to be dead not here in this, this place. I heard my door close and it was quiet. I was glad. I was still weak from all those pills I've took. I just began to think about my life and how horrible it's been.



Harry will be back. I just wanted to start this story, so I don't have to keep you guys waiting. your welcome ;)

-Crystal xx

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