My Mother's boyfriend

falling for your mom's boyfriend? that's crazy right?


2. J-E-A-L-O-U-S

*Aubrey’s POV*

“IT’S FRIDAYYYY,FRIDAYYYY,FRIDAYYYYY!!!!!” I screamed as the bell rang for the last period

“chilllll….I almost have a mini heart attack” my friend Josh said as I attack him from behind I’m crazy .really

“I don’t care coz it’s Fridayyy!!!”

“shhh..people are looking at us”
I just shrug at him

“don’t care”
people might think that we’re a couple but we’re not,he’s my best friend since like forever I may have a little,teeny,itsy,weensy,bitsy crush on him but that’s all.

“sleep over with me tonight? with Chiara” he suggest

Chiara is one of our best friend too she’s really quiet when you first meet her but when you’ve been around with her for a couple of times she may be very loud.

“sure I need to get out of my house aka hell for a while”

“great! do you want me to drive you home or?”

“yes please” I said as we walk to his car

I let out a deep breathe.this hell week is finally over

This week have been one hell of a week!
why? well let me tell ya

Monday: I walked into the kitchen and found/see Harry is giving my mom oral sex

Tuesday: I can’t sleep all night because of those moaning voices coming from my mom’s room

Wednesday: due to the lack of sleep I slept on my Math class,well Mr.Barnes wasn’t really happy for that so he sent me out from class.well fuck him .

Thursday: I just got home from school and Harry is staying at my house but my mom went out for work so it’s just me and him.alone. you’ll never guess what is he trying to do! he fucking pinned me up against the wall and forced me to give him a bj and of course I slapped him and ran to my room locking the door.

Friday: let’s just hope that those shits don’t happened today


*Harry’s POV*

“bye babe” Tatiana said as she kissed me

(A/N: Tatiana is Aubrey’s mom)

“bye” I said flatly

“see you later” she said as she walk out

the reason I didn’t want to hang out with the other boys is that They’re all busy with their own business or life. TMH tour is finally over and of course I could use a little bit of ‘me’ time.

Tatiana have been keeping me busy.she’s such a good shag but well….Aubrey is so fucking hot I just can’t get my eyes off her. Her tall slender body..I swear she must be a model

I flipped from channels to channels bored.bored.bored.

suddenly I hear a sound of the bell


I went to open the door to find Aubrey laughing with that guy. I don’t know what’s happening to me but somehow I felt jealousy. Meh maybe I’m sick or something

“oh well I need to pack up for a while”Aubrey said to that fucking guy

“sure babe,I’ll wait inside the car”

babe?! who the fuck did you just called ‘babe?!!

“oh hey Harry” Aubrey said to me as she pass me by.walking to her room

“hey,so you wanna watch some movies after this?” I ask her hoping that she’d say yes
“sorry,I can’t I’m out for sleep over” she called from upstars.

I don’t know why but it feels like something just stabbed me inside

“oh okay” disappointment clearly in my voice

what’s wrong with all of these feelings?! I can’t be falling for her




soooo...what do you guys think? I'm still not sure if I should continue

anyways pleaseeee





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