My Mother's boyfriend

falling for your mom's boyfriend? that's crazy right?


6. Irresistable

*Aubrey’s POV*

Oh God...why can’t I just stop myself? No no no no no...this is a mistake,another mistake .
I pulled him off me while he just looked at me confusedly

“I-why did you do that?!” I screamed at him “How many more times should I tell you that this is a fucking mistake?!”

“You kissed me back” He shot back

“I wasn’t thinking okay!”

“Tell me once again that this is a mistake” he said pointing at the space between us “and-I… I’ll leave you” his last sentence holds back the sadness...well to be honest I’m really disappointed,but this,this is just not right at any way…

“This..this is a mistake” with that sentence coming out from my mouth he looked hurt,dissapointed. “I-I better get going” I whisper

“Fuck you!” he exclaimed while I step out from my house.

He’s dating my mom for fucks sake,that sounded more wrong that what we have now but,I just can’t.He’s a fucking player while I’m just that girl who wants a steady relationship with someone that I could trust. Could I trust Harry? NO,I can’t and there’s too many reasons to be listed why…
Tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. No Aubs you can’t cry he’s not worth your tears...he’s not.

I texted Josh that I’d soon get there,to his house.

To: Josh

I’m almost there


kay then,I’ll be in front of my house,inside my car :)


sure,be there in 5

I’m not sure if I want to get there now..I just need some time to think.It’s just so much to handle.Harry’s dating my mom who happens to be a whore,and Harry cheated on my mom with me...twice,convincing that he likes me.
The air is cold,I tugged my jacket tighter around me as I continue to walk.


“So… we’ve been to at least 2 apartments and non of them pleased you” Josh joked

“yeah...I’m not really feeling it about those 2 houses” I replied as the guy from the agency unlocked the last apartment,which is the third

“Girls and their emotions” Josh laughed .

“So… this apartment is quite big,it has 3 bedrooms “ The guy from the agency explaimed, his name is Mark. He showed us the rooms and was simple but really good,it got a good view and stuffs. “and this is the kitchen “ he led us to the kitchen ,it’s really simple and it got that mini bar right there . “this apartment is fully furnished so all you gotta do is just to move in “

“so what do you think?” Josh asked

“It’s great!” It really is,I think this place is perfect and cozy .

“Okay then I’ll give you both time to talk about this” mark said before exiting the kitchen

“So?” Josh question

“well yeah this place is great! I think that this is the one”

“So you gonna take it?”

“well...I guess” I’m really sure about this decision

“great! I’ll call mark” and with that Josh exited the kitchen to call Mark.

I looked around the kitchen with a big smile tugged on my face,this is a new beginning!

“So? what do you think?” Mark asked me

“I’ll take it” I said ,100 percent sure with my answer

-1 week later-

*Harry’s POV*

It’s been a week since I see Tatianna and Aubrey,I’ve been avoiding Tatianna for a whole week and well also Aubrey.

But now I’m on my way to their house and just want to clear this up,which is end things up with Tatianna and be with Aubrey. She haven’t leave my mind’s just something about her is so...interesting,her lips is like a drug that I couldn’t get enough of. I’m sure that I won’t regret this decision.

I pulled over my car to their house drive away, I’m dreading to see Tatianna but I’m excited to see Aubrey.
I knock on the door twice to see tatianna with a big smile on her face
“Hey Harry” she opened the door much wider to let me in

“uhm-hey” I replied scratching the back of my neck,She moved to sit on my lap and grind her hips slowly

“Well baby” she purred while tracing her fingers along my body “Now that she have moved out,we could do a lot of stuffs as loud as we can”

woah..hold the fuck up ,who the fuck moved out

“Who moved out?” I ask,trying to push her off me slowly .For once in my life I’m not turned on by this

“Aubrey,she moved out now” she looked at me confusedly “That’s a good thing babe”

“What?!” I shout and stood up from the sofa ,causing Tatianna almost fall down flat on her ass.

“What the hell Harry?! You fucking ignored me for a week and just to ask me about that bitch?!!” she bursted out,her outburst took me by surprise.

“I’m sorry Tatianna,but we’re done! “ I explained myself whilst exiting her house,I could hear her cursing me the fuck out but I don’t care ...I need to find Aubrey.



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