Hurt Lies Pain

It's about a girl who get bullied everyday until she can't take it anymore.


2. Moving

Hannah's P.O.V Today was the big day I was moving. I was so happy my mom said I could stay home I didn't want to see anyone from that school anyways. I never liked it! I was sitting on my bed when my mom walk in. "Hannah you have to get packed we are leaving in 30 mins!' "Okay mom." I got up and started pack it was a lot of work but I got it done I was so proud of myself I never thought I could do that but I did. It was time to go I was so happy it was a 12 hour drive so I just put in my headphone and plugged in my charger for my phone. ----Skip the drive- My mom woke me up we got there and it was like almost 6 pm I was shocked i slept so much I never do but anyway we got all settled in and I went on a jog. When I was on my jog I ran into a guy and we both fell over. "OMG, I am so sorry I didn't mean to." He started to laugh and said "It's fine. Wait are you the new neighbors?" I nodded. He then said, "Well I didn't know we would have such a cutie like you." I was blushing so hard I couldn't help bu giggle. He gave me a look like can I have you number. I asked him for his phone and put my number in there and sent myself a texting saying "Hai its the guy from next door." I looked up and handed him back his and ask me what my name is. :My name is Hannah what is yours?" "Mines Nash and yes im for Magon." I looked at him and didn't even know what he was talking about so i just nodded. "Well I got to get going because me and my mom have to do stuff tonight. Bye nice meeting you." He waved good bye and I ran home and took a shower and helped my mom unpack. *A/N Tell me how you like this sorry because I need to know if i should keep going to not. Thanks -Megan*
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