Best friends since 4th grade

Hey there my name is Katherine Emily Rose. Well I have blond hair blue eyes and my hair are naturally wavy. Well I came to America in 4th grade and now I'm a 9th grader and I've met a guy Jason Derek Diaz. I didn't know English but he has helped me through everything a lot. Since in 5th grade I moved schools. I haven't seen Jason in a long time. But what happens when Jason and Kat go to a same Highschool?


2. chap 2

Well I thought Jason was pretty cute. He blushed every time I talked to him....

Jason: hey wanna see my 4th grade yearbook since were bored as fuck

Kat: well sure why not

Jason: so yeah here it is

Kat: wait u went to tarzana??? I went there too omg .. JASON IS THAT YOU

Jason: Kat OMFG I missed u

He said as he hugged and picked me up ..

Mr.south: umm what are you guys doing there while I'm explaining something. -The whole class was laughing- I was blushing so hard...

Jason: umm sorry uhhhhhh (he said as we both sat down)

Jason: hey you wanna go to the movies I'll pick u up by 8 if u can of course..!

Kat: sure why not "paper with my address and phone number"

What happens next I'll update UMM TOMORROW I promise 5 new chaps 😏😏

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