Best friends since 4th grade

Hey there my name is Katherine Emily Rose. Well I have blond hair blue eyes and my hair are naturally wavy. Well I came to America in 4th grade and now I'm a 9th grader and I've met a guy Jason Derek Diaz. I didn't know English but he has helped me through everything a lot. Since in 5th grade I moved schools. I haven't seen Jason in a long time. But what happens when Jason and Kat go to a same Highschool?


1. chap 1

Emily's P.O.V

I hear my alarm clock go off. "Oh great" note the sarcasm. Today was the first day of high school. So more stuck up bitches Barbie wanna bes and Justin Bieber wanna bes. Yep. I got up and took a quick shower. I put on skinny jeans with holes in them. Then I put on my Justin bieber top. Yes I was a big fan of Justin all my rubber band bracelets. And I got my phone my galaxy vans and my jansport black backpack. I checked if my mom was up and nope as always... I grabbed a pop tart shoved it in my mouth. I took my skateboard and skateboarded to school.

-----in school

I came to school and everyone was staring at me... I felt like I didn't fit in. Again.

I found my locker and did my locker combo 26-12-47 it opened. I put my stuff in and looked at my schedule room 151 alright ms.south. I stepped into class and there was an open seat. I sat down and the guy looked at me.. He had blond hair they looked messy but cute he had green eyes and an adorable smile. Since he noticed me checking him out he blushed.

Guy: hey I'm Jason

Kat: well I'm Katherine but call me Kat.

Jason: okay Kat I think I've known you from somewhere... It's strange.

Kat: well no I don't think you know me from anywhere.... (I shrugged)

A/N sorry shirt chap I'll update tomorrow

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