Which magcon?

Nash Grier


2. the other

After Nash and y/n went out together for a long time, Nash finally asked y/n to be her girlfriend and she accepted! It was something like this....

Nash and y/n were in a fancy restaurant called the "The Digre" they were chatting and laughing for a while and then Nash said...

-y/n we have been dating for a while and I really like you so.. I wanted to ask you if you would be my girlfriend?

-yyyes! I have been waiting a lot for you to ask me this!

After this y/n and Nash were always together and they loved each other very much until...

This new guy appeared on school and was very nice and kind to y/n, he liked her very much so he asked her out...

-hey! I am Cameron, you can call me Cam!

-hey, I am y/n!

-you seem like a very nice person and I wanted to know if you wanted to come on a date with me to wherever you want!

-I already have a boyfriend, sorry

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