Summer. How can something so perfect, be so horrible? Ami Junior is a reader. All she does is read. Her skin is pale and flaky due to the lack of sunlight escaping from the confines of her curtains and she likes it that way. Her parents get fed up with her lack of interacting with kids her age so they send her to live with her aunt for the summer. In California. The place of sunshine. One day, while at her aunt's house, her aunt literally throws her out on the beach. The one place she hates. On that very same day, she meets golden surfer boy, Brian James. Some call it fate, others call it hate.


1. Wait. What?

       Ami Junior stared at the book in front of her. Her eyes were drinking in every single detail she could find out about her new favorite book. She laid on her bed, only finding her comfortable position moments ago while finishing the last sentence of Divergent by Veronica Roth. Her legs were dangling from her bed and her Mac laptop sat perched, in front of her, and the copy of the book was laying beside her.


      Her room was painted dark purple, which was mainly covered by book posters, and her floors were carpeted in white, flurry designs. Her desk was on the opposite wall of her bed, covered in post-its, notes, and overbearing summer work. Her curtains were sealed shut and let no light come in. Her parents regretted buying that for her. When entered, her room looked like you just took step into a library. Books were seated almost everywhere: on her bed, floor, desk, book pack, shelves, and even under her bed.


       Her green-eyes sparkled reading the information about the sequel to the book. Her frizzy brown hair was contained in a messy bun on top of her head and her delicate reading hands were speeding away on the computer that sat in front of her.


 She literally breathed books. It was her life.


          Right when she was about to click the 'order' button on amazon for the sequel of the book, Insurgent, her room door opened wide, letting some light come in sight with her vision.


     "Mom! Close the door! Trying to order something here!" she screamed.


         "Is it another book?" asked her mom, hands perched on top of her hips.


       Ami gave her mom an innocent look. "Maybe." she said, drawling out the 'e'.


        Her mother, Elizabeth Junior, gave her daughter a disappointed look. "Why can't you be normal and go outside and play like everyone else? It's summer! Get up and smell the roses!"


     "If you want me to smell "the roses" so much, then buy me some rose flavored fresher spray?"


     Her mom gave her a stern look. "Don't get sassy with me Ami Gertrude Junior."


       Ami huffed. "Mom! I told you not to call me that! Who gives their child the name Gertrude? Do you really hate me that much?"


      The mother smirked. "Yes."


    Ami huffed and got up. Her overly big t-shirt all wrinkled and her huge sweatpants covering her legs. She went and opened a window, which made her eyes squint a little due to the light. She breathed in the Maine air, closed the curtain, and went back to bed.


    "Was that good enough for you, mother?"


    Elizabeth gave her daughter a look of disbelief. "How are you wearing sweatpants in the       summer?"


      "They're comfy." spoke Ami, shrugging her shoulders.


       "You gave me no choice, Ami, but I have to do this." she told me.


    "Do what?" Ami asked, not really paying attention, while grabbing a water bottle and taking a sip from her water bottle.


  "You are going to California with your Aunt Marie."


   She spit her water all over her mom. "Wait. What?"




       We all love our family members. We can't not love our family members. But sometimes they are a bit too crazy. Aunt Marie is just that. Crazy. 


More crazy than the idea that Michael Jackson bleached himself.


Aunt Marie is one of those people who you think would have ADHD. She never stops moving. Always twitching her fingers and dancing. Crazy. For a 33 year old, she has a lot of energy. The last time Elizabeth (Ami's mom and Marie's sister) heard from her was when Marie was telling her about her bungee jumping experience.


And now it was time for Ami to face the wrath of Aunt Marie.


While on the airplane, Ami thought of all the scenarios that could happen while with Aunt Marie. None of them ended in a happy ending, unfortunately.


She sighed and went into her carry-on to get a book she sneakily snatched from her bookcase before her mom could barge into her room. Again.


She grabbed her IPod and plugged her headphones in to tune out the sound of babies crying, adults complaining, and people throwing up.


Music flowed into her ears, instantly relaxing her tense figure.


She started reading again while relaxing into the song, "Stop Me When You've Had Enough", by Nural.


She looked outside to see the sun setting. "Only a few more hours." she told herself.




"Are you from Tennessee, because your the only ten I see." said a young boy, winking at her.


Ami looked at him in confusion. "I'm from Maine."


The boy gave her a blank look and shook his head while he walked away.


Ami shrugged. "I guess he has a thing for Tennessee girls." she thought to herself as she looked around for Aunt Marie.


She spotted a blonde-haired women coming towards her.


Ami was suddenly on the floor. With a crazy blonde on top of her.


"Hey Aunt Marie." replied Ami, her voice weak from the weight crushing her bones.


Aunt Marie got up and started giggling.


Ami breathed in the fresh sweet air and stood up.


Her eyes filled with shock.


"You're a blonde?"


Aunt Marie shrugged. "I live in California."


Ami nodded her head, pretending to understand what her aunt told her.


"Anyway," said her aunt. "Let's go home."






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