Is she one?

Shaheer and his friends are invited to dance on a show named jalak dhikla ja. This season instead of dancing with choreographers they had to dance with girls of the judges choice. Shaheer had to dance with a girl named Shama, a girl he had a crush on since high school.He is madly in love with her now. Is she his true love? Are they destined for each other?


3. surprising Invitation

One evening all of them came back from work and met at Shaheer's house. His house was soo beautiful. The walls were painted an aqua blue colour that was lined with a white design at the bottom of the walls. A beautiful white sofa with pillows that were striped blue and green. 2 bedrooms that were the best place you could be and also a chefs dream kitchen. His house was amazing, and everybody knew Shaheer was single and it was about time he looked for his dream girl.u

Vin told Shaheer " Hey bro it's about time you looked for your true love."

"No, not yet I wanna keep up with my career.Maybe in a few years" Shaheer replied

"Ok then" Vin rolled his eyes

The door bell rang, and Rohit went to answer it. There was a lady standing out the door smiling with a orange envelope in her hand. The Lady looked very familiar but Rohit could not figure out who it was. He stared at her in the eyes and then he knew exactly who she was.

" Good evening ma'am please come in!"

...... It was Madhuri Dixit! The boys could not believe their eyes. Something amazing was going to happen they knew for sure. They all greeted her and told her to take a seat.

"What brings you here today?" Shaheer asked her with excitement.

" Our dance show we have every single year, Jalak Dhikla Ja is back this year and we want you five to be in it. But this season you guys will be dancing with a girl of our choice instead of a choreographer. You guys start rehearsal tomorrow."

"Yes, definetly!" They all exclaimed excitedly.

"That's good. I have the names of the girls you will be dancing with here, do you guys want me to read them out loud?"

"Yes" Lavanya said

"Ok, Rohit you will be dancing with Poonam your wife because she is an amazing dancer, Sarav you will be dancing with a girl named Kathryn Lenozah. She is an dancer from Canada. Shaheer you will be dancing with a girl named Shama Kumar. She is a new actor in Mumbai. Vin you will be dancing will a girl named Abicha. She is a Canadian dancer and a very famous Hollywood actor. And last but not least Lavanya will be Dancing with Lauren, our second place finalist from last season."

The boys were excited for the show. They couldn't wait to start dancing and to see who these girls were.

They thanked Madhuri and then she left.

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