Is she one?

Shaheer and his friends are invited to dance on a show named jalak dhikla ja. This season instead of dancing with choreographers they had to dance with girls of the judges choice. Shaheer had to dance with a girl named Shama, a girl he had a crush on since high school.He is madly in love with her now. Is she his true love? Are they destined for each other?


4. Shaheer

~Shaheer's P.O.V~

Hey guys I think I am dancing with Shama from high school because her name sounds familiar and she did want to become an actress

"Shama, Shama Kumar from high school?" Vin said laughing " man she is too good for you and you were crushing on her for sooo long"

"And Vin, you don't think Abicha is like way to hot for you?"

"Well who said that we weren't perfect for each other?"

"Well that's true."

" it's pretty late so we should get going. Bye!" Said Rohit followed by the others. They couldn't wait for the next day.

They waved good bye and left.

"She is soo pretty and I can't stop thinking of her."I said when they left.

I pulled out my iPhone from my pocket and turned on the tv. I sat down on the couch and started to scroll through my camera roll.

"Yay! Found it" I found the cute selfie I took with Shama when we were in high school. She was homecoming Queen that year and for slow dance she danced with me. It was an amazing night.

Now I am just so bored so I guess I'll watch tv then go to sleep.

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